The Shock Mount is actually made very well and is a great improvement over the plastic ones Rode has shipped with their mics in the past. Yes, you can get a good sounding recording out of it, but if you are a VO who works on the road a lot, or needs to be very portable with your studio space, then this could be the mic for you. January 10, 2016. January 10, 2016. In terms of sound quality, it is very close to Rode VideoMic Pro. We decided to evaluate a number of popular shotgun microphones and we came up with the following list: Sennheiser MKE 600, Audio Technica AT897, Rode NTG2 and Rode NTG3. It has nice clean high frequencies without being too shrill, and it is built like a rock, so durability won’t be an issue. And if a wooden box isn’t the sign of quality and class, I don’t know what is. Warranty is 2 years. Well, fear not, you perfectly sculpted Channing’s of the voiceover world – we are here to help with a list of some of our favourite voiceover microphones. Updated 9/6/19. But we are hard pressed to find any bad reviews of this mic. An Australian made professional studio condenser microphone designed to deliver clear and … You wouldn’t send a fireman to work without a top quality hose. This article was originally published in issue #22, To read the article in its entirety, view the digital magazine, Our website uses Cookies - by using this site or closing this message you’re agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Both of these mics are Large Diaphragm Condenser (LDC) microphones. It is manufactured in Australia. This is THE tool of your trade. The Yeti Pro is not a bad mic at all for what it is, but doesn’t stack up to some of the others on this list when it comes to audio quality. The crucial microphone question is “what do I want to do with this mic?” Do you want it for a specific job or do you want one that will handle lots of different tasks well? Rode NT2-A is switchable between omni, figure of eight and cardioid patterns 5. Actually, scrap that, the Rode is at the very good end of the budget market. Neither has pad, filter nor pattern selection options and both require phantom power. A little tidbit for you when considering this microphone – Sennheiser also own Neumann (spoiler alert, see #1). While the first three are in the same price range (around $300) and therefore can be considered direct competitors, the Rode NTG3 was a higher-end unit priced at around $700. That it’s not the next mic in the list. This is a list of OUR favourite microphones, and it’s a bloody good start, but make sure you try some out before you buy so you can see how the mic works with your voice. Print Email. An odd thing often strikes people when they buy their first “good” mic – disappointment. Sennheiser’s Mk4 microphone comes with a flexible stand mount (a shock-mount is available separately) and a soft cover. Let’s take a quick look at why this matters before we start on the review units. Rode NT2a Questions . Whilst the actual specs vary a little, both mics are quiet (I’ve got to mention that the specs for the Rode are very, very quiet by the way), will work with high sound pressure levels, are amply sensitive, and have superficially similar frequency response curve shapes (the Rode has an additional little bump at about 120Hz) . Our verdict? And with the MK4, they're bringing their condenser to the project studio. The NT1-A and the Mk4 are slightly different beasts. Both worked well on acoustic guitar, with the Rode a little warmer, the Sennheiser a little clearer. On the other hand, it is quite a bulky piece of kit, and doesn’t come with a shock mount, so you will need to pick up one of those too unless you want to hear the rumbling of cars on the road outside, or your partners footsteps as they bring you a cup of tea. The limitations – It doesn’t have a pad, so if you are a boomer, you might want to stand back a bit, and it only has a cardoid pattern, but given that that’s what you’re after for VO work anyway, the limitations aren’t very limiting at all. It has a wide dynamic range, with a hi-pass filter to crush the low-end if needs be, and a 10db pad for when you’re just too blinking loud. Small differences on paper can make big differences in use, so you really do have to try and see (and hear, obviously). Both recommended. Audio-Technica bill this mic as “warm and smooth”, and a quick look at reviews online will tell you that they aren’t lying. The Gold standard. read ... not familiar with double bass for classical. As a added bonus, the Rode K2 will fit the shock mount as well! The Rode NT1 is one of the best condenser microphones in this price bracket. In reality most microphones can do most things to some extent, but different types of microphone do have their own niche uses; dynamic mics are very popular on guitar cabs and close miked drum components, Small Diaphragm Condensers (SDCs) are often used for acoustic instruments, ribbon mics are popular for guitar cabs and brass etc. The Rode NT1-A is a true condenser mic featuring an internally shock-mounted 1” capsule with gold plated diaphragm, cardioid polar pattern and transformerless output circuitry. The Rode NT2-A is the successor of the extremely popular NT2. All-in-all, a great mic for a very reasonable price. Spot the similarities? i also noticed the sennheiser mk4 has a moderately similar response to the nt2a … The Rode doesn’t include a lav mic in the box and while they suggest you purchase the Rode Smart Lav to accompany the kit, you can choose any mic you wish, including the ME 2 – II. After all, you wouldn’t send a plumber to fix a pipe without a good wrench. What’s not to love? The only downside we can find to this mic? This, is the ultimate “Magic” Mic. I’m using the opportunity to look at the similarities and differences between a couple of different products from different manufacturers with a view to considering how to choose a mic, not which of the two comes-out on top. Sennheiser is best known for their dynamic microphones, but that doesn't mean they don't make great condensers!

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