This Bluetooth connectivity also enables you to connect your smart device to learning apps like Roland’s Piano Partner 2. Visit Virtual Sheet Music to learn more... Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.4, Quick Links to Useful Piano & Music Resources. This is essentially a digital piano for those who don’t like digital pianos – a beautifully designed contemporary option for the discerning players out there. Period. A minimalist look will appeal to those who like to keep things orderly, but don’t be fooled – this is a powerhouse full of onboard tech made for experienced players. You have 307 tones available with limitless polyphony for piano tones and a maximum of 384 for other tones – plenty to play with. The Roland RP501R-CB Home Piano is designed for those experienced players out there who want a hard working and great looking home piano that they can use to play a wide range of genres. Next up we have the Roland GP series which is the pinnacle of Roland’s piano design, offering players the opportunity to get a mini grand piano, without the associated hassle of acoustic pianos. They sound fine, are affordable, and have an additional audio input. One of the cool features comes in the form of the onboard rhythm accompaniments and recording features. This offers quite the jump in terms of sounds as you have 350 sounds to get to grips with. This is still a fantastic beginner digital piano of course, except it has a few extra features intermediate players will appreciate. A Twin Piano mode also enables a teacher and a learner to sit side by side and play in the same key range making it an ideal option for schools and home tutors. The next in our Roland FP series comparison and next in line when you’re thinking of upgrading is the Roland FP-60 digital piano. Enjoy Traditional Piano Feel with 88 Standard-Size Keys. There’s a set of two built-in speakers so you can enjoy a lush sound wherever you are and the 3.9 kg weight is perfect for taking it anywhere with you. Again, you have the PHA4 keybed, which provides a lush, realistic feel and the SuperNATURAL sound engine, but you also get MIDI connections, allowing you to add it to your studio workflow with ease. “semi weighted” just means heavier springs, there is no hammer action at all. We believe in you! Also available in Pure Oak, Walnut or Sheer Black. Please Pass It On! “semi weighted” just means heavier springs, there is no hammer action at all. Fun Stuff! The Roland RD-2000 stage piano features two independent sound engines for sonic clarity and dynamic response. The larger size in combination with the 8 speakers allows the sound to resonate more, offering a far more acoustic sound than we’re used to. You also have 2 x 30W speakers built in offering incredible sound quality. The next in line is the Roland LX706 Digital Home Piano. The PHA-50 Keyboard and Progressive Damper Action Pedals offer incredible playability whilst you enjoy Authentic Acoustic Tone thanks to Roland’s PureAcoustic Piano Modelling Technology. A quick look at the specs tells you that it comes with enough bells and whistles to suit both beginners and professionals alike – a rarity, particularly in the digital piano arena. MIDI playback and USB memory are also great additions for performers. You also have an array of vintage effects built-in, including the BOSS CE-1 Chorus, Roland Dimension D and many more. When you need access to a wide range of sounds, effects and presets for your live show, the Roland Stage series is perfect. Will that cause a issue? the key benefit here is that you won’t need to upgrade as your technique improves. Available in Contemporary Black, Rosewood, White. You have three sound generators built-in including the SuperNATURAL piano engine, ZEN-Core and SuperNATURAL Electric Piano engine, providing a world of sounds. Again, you have a Hybrid Grand Keyboard and Responsive Damper Action Pedals at your disposal as well as a larger cabinet and opening lid for further sound projection. Finally, the included Karimoku designed ergonomic bench encourages good posture so you can play longer without discomfort or fear of health issues! Next up we have the Roland FP-30, which has now been replaced by the above FP-10 as the entry level standard. Your Black Friday buyings (only on-topic). Finally, the PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action with escapement keyboard has been designed to offer a real feel experience. The action is OK ish but 88 of those keys is overkill. Finally, you have 15 in-built tones ranging from lush grand pianos to electric keyboards. The PHA-4 Standard keyboard features high-resolution touch sensing and you can use the included Progressive Damper Action pedal for greater response including half pedalling and other traditional piano techniques. ", "Pianoteq manages to keep it all together yet simultaneously also go in all directions; like a quantum particle entangled with an unknown and spooky parallel universe simply waiting to be discovered. With this option you get a complete home piano set up including piano stand, music rest and pedals making it a great option for those who want a complete package. These actually make the learning process a lot of fun by including a range of built-in learning features as well as a host of beautifully sampled sounds. The HP704 features higher quality onboard speakers that deliver dynamic full-range sound making them ideal for practice sessions, performances and parties. Before the FP10 came along, the FP30 was Roland’s entry-level digital piano. You have 319 tones at your disposal as well as over 350 onboard songs to play along with. Casio's new CDP-S and PX-S models might be lower than e.g. Also available in Dark Rosewood, Charcoal Black, Light Oak, or White. ", "Success is 10% inspiration, and 90% perspiration. Also available in Dark Rosewood, Polished Ebony or Charcoal Black. The Roland LX705 is the most affordable in the LX700 series, but still includes an array of great features you find in the higher end models. The new release has left many people wondering what advantages the FP30 has. This is a great performance machine for studio and session musicians as it also includes 1100 non-piano sounds such as organs, strings, brass, classic synths and more. Roland GO:Piano 88 Digital Piano Keyboard. Available in Polished Ebony or Polished White. Again, you have the PHA-4 standard keyboard which offers beautiful playability and the SuperNATURAL sound engine for perfectly recreated sounds from Roland’s impressive catalogue of piano samples. The SuperNATURAL modelling found within the HP603 effectively recreates the response and full bodied tones of an acoustic piano, without any of the unreliable quirks. This differs from the rest of the LX7 series as its the tallest in the range and features a four-way, eight-speaker system and updated SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling system. It wins in the presets department big time. We look at the 9 best cheap keyboard pianos that don’t suck, helping you create music without breaking the bank. The Roland RP102 Digital Piano is the entry level home piano designed for those who want to start their piano playing journey and old hands who want something that they can use to refresh their skills or just enjoy playing at home. disadvantage for GO:PIANO 88 is only 4 tones + non weighted keyboard. Next up we have the Roland HP series comparison. The 88 key PHA-50 Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel makes it a joy to play, mimicking the feel of an acoustic, whilst the Damper Soft and Sostenuto pedals offer extra control. This is packed with all the great features of the LX706 but comes with an upgraded sound system featuring eight-speakers. A set of 2 x built in stereo speakers provide a rich and full sound, whilst the headphones 3D ambience immerses you in the sound when you hook up a set of headphones. Overall, you get a more authentic playing experience that, dare we say it, is actually BETTER than an acoustic piano! The 61-note keyboard with standard full-size keys and authentic touch response provides a perfect playing surface that doesn’t come across ‘springy’ and cheap as some keybeds of this price range can sometimes offer. You have onboard recording features, Bluetooth connectivity for streaming and connection to smartphones and tablets. Next up in our Roland Digital Piano comparison, we have the Roland F140R Digital Home Piano.

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