Showcase your newfound perspective on world religions and new religions. They are open to common men and not shrouded in mystery or haziness. He was criticized because his scientific theory went against the Biblical account of the creation of this earth and the fall of man. Essay on Science vs Religion ! And Einstein remarked that a great scientific discovery was a matter of religious insight. But science does not have the answer to everything. There is an immoral race in which human beings have become the enemies human beings. The religious experience and experience of the highest scientific research tend to be similar. In India also the conflict between Islam and Hinduism has taken a violent shape many times. We want to supply the very best degree of professionalism to our… Skip to content. Tar their scope is different and excludes each other. There is thus an apparent conflict between religion and science. Religion is subjective, as religious enlightenment has to be felt by one’s own experience. Roger Bacon, the inventor of gunpowder, believed in alchemy. Science and Religion Essay/ Composition; Science is the knowledge that we can prove by our senses. Numerous attempts were made to suppress the voice of reason and truth. Pioneers of science had to face numerous difficulties. Science and religion are two different aspects of life. … The imaginative shaman or the magician played the role of both doctor and high-priest. The science versus religion controversy is one in which I believe will continue on until the end of time. Both scientists and saints have to undertake solitary travels into the regions unknown and to depend on themselves only and nobody else. And this faith enables the religious man to attribute a design or meaning to the reality. For a long time in Europe, the Christian priests opposed the idea that the earth is round and moves around the sun. Many who had come forward to laugh at science became its champions and followers. Truly speaking science has increased faith in God by pointing out the wonderful mysteries of nature. On the face of it, it seems difficult to find a compromise between science and religion. Role Religion and Science Religion and science have always played a role in each other, some of the scientific facts are listed in several books of the Bible that prove these facts way before we discovered them and documented them as a scientific facts. They are experience felt by all and sundry. These developments gave rise in some circles to the belief that man is all-powerful and God a superiors being, people lost faith in Heaven or Hell, God or the Supreme Power. On the other hand, religion is the sum of some beliefs that are not proved or disproved by our senses. Disclaimer But religion is a belief in higher unseen controlling power. Science deals with the world that we know, the material world that is comprehended by the senses; religion is concerned with a supra-mundane world- world that we cannot be said to know. 5. However, nice writing abilities usually are not the one factor we ask from a candidate. In the 19th century also Darwin’s Theory of Evolution gave rise to angry opposition from the Christian Church, since his theory cut across the Biblical version of the creation of mankind from Adam and Eve. No one can prove that the universe is mathematical or that the same laws that seem to … Also science is not able to answer the fundamental questions of the mystery of life and death and the incalculability of events. Religion is perhaps as old as mankind. Dr. Charlie Townes, a Christian man and renowned scientist, considers the parallels of the two demonstrate they are fated to eventually unite (Townes, 1966). Consequently the enthusiasm of the supporters of science began to cool down. But the path of science did not ultimately prove as smooth as its worshippers had thought it to be. The Hippocrates oath taken by doctors till today refers to a religious belief of the Greeks-Hygeia, the goddess of health. Science, we all agree, is based on facts. And without moral and spiritual values man’s life is not better than the life of a beast. The beauty and mystery of human life, its spiritual and moral values are lost if men are guided entirely by science. Science relies on experiment, whereas religion on experience. Science Vs Religion Essay. Christianity arose as an antidote to the corruption of Judaism. If this state of affairs continues science will bring about the complete ruin of mankind and civilization. Science must be allied to religion. It conferred unheard of comforts and conveniences on mankind. Also, objectivity as a temperament of the mind is needed in this pursuit. Thus science has an unsettling influence on traditional beliefs. Science makes man materialistic, but religion upholds his faith in God, in the higher and spiritual values of life. He does not want useless ceremonies and vulgar shows in the name of religion. Both the method and the aims of science and religion seem to be different. Science emphasises the importance of reason, observation and experience. Science, on the other hand, deals with the objective side of life. Its technique is not scientific. The Roman Catholic priests in Europe had to be pulled up by Martin Luther and others when they started living a life of luxury and immorality. What the superstitious man worships blindly, the scientists worships as the fruit of his knowledge. The gulf between the rich and the poor became wide than ever before. Science and Religion – Essay. Essay on Mass Media Advantages and Disadvantages, Mobile Phone Essay in English – Advantages and Disadvantages. The spreading of scientific ideas has made the modern man sceptical: It is not possible to make an educated man of today believe in myths and superstitions. Privacy Policy Religion encouraged superstition and other evil practices. Science believes in things that can be proved. Science makes religious practices more comfortable with their new inventions. It may in the blindness of fanaticism arrogate to itself the intolerance of dogmatism and persecute those who have the courage to differ from accepted scientific notions.

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