On A Roll Sushi Vegan . In addition to all these new creations are lots of new sushi roll names to match! https://www.easyhomemadesushi.com/30-good-ideas-for-sushi-roll-fillings ABBREVIATION : sms is spicy mayonnaise sauce, es is eel sauce, ms is mayonnaise sauce. Monday - Friday Closed Saturday ... , Salmon Crispy Skin Roll, Mixed Salmon / Tuna Nigiri (6 Pieces) & Shrimp Roll. *items are raw or under cooked, meats, seafood, shellfish or eggs that may increase your risk of food illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Vegetarians now have an increasing set of menu options for dining on sushi. Types of sushi are even make their way towards non seafood but still meat options. from £74.00 SUSHI COMBOS. Vegan / Veggie Combo Inari Tofu, 4 Cucumber Maki, 2 Teriyaki Aubergine Nigiri, 4 Sweet Potato Maki & Choose Green Roll or Teriyaki Jack or Tofu Devil (all 8 pieces). sushi, japanese, delicious, asian, food, yummy, japanese food, sashimi, bamboo mat, fresh, roll Public Domain Some of these types include cooked Sushi, deep fried Sushi rolls, and Tempura Sushi rolls.

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