Manby told investors on Thursday that "Our goal is to engage in a healthy dialogue ... based on facts.". • Contrary to the claims of many marine parks and aquariums, captive killer whales die far more frequently and at a far earlier age than they do in the wild — states former Sea World biologist Dr. John Hall. The image is being circulated by The Orca Project, an c… Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. According to the Orlando Sentinel, in May 2017 a newborn Commerson's dolphin died just a few minutes after being born. "The 'dances' and other behaviors seen in this video are not natural to sea lions in the wild, and they certainly are not teaching SeaWorld park-goers respect for marine wildlife or their ecosystems," a Sea Shepherd rep said. Captive animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, … I believed the ‘facts’ that Sea World only took in animals that wouldn’t survive in the wild and I didn’t see anything wrong with the whole place. And apparently, park employees are completely barred from telling anyone when the animals are sick. EarthViews Productions has been producing environmental documentaries for nearly 40 years, including Where Have All the Dolphins Gone?, a one-hour film on the killing of dolphins during tuna fishing operations, hosted by the late George C. Scott, which was broadcast primetime on Discovery Channel and was partly responsible for all U.S. tuna canners accepting only dolphin-safe tuna. In the wild, many orcas will spend their decades-long lives by their mothers' sides. Last year, a 103-year-old female orca was spotted off the coast of Washington. • Marine parks in the U.S. and abroad are responsible for the deaths of trainers by captive killer whales, with hundreds of injuries unreported or covered up by payoffs and non-disclosure agreements — states former Sea World biologist Dr. John Hall and former Sea World killer whale trainer Dr. John Jett. Rumors & Facebook, The Life of a Pitbull: Lulu in Santa Monica, Jon Stewart Gets It All Wrong, Albeit Hilariously, 11 Ways To Protect Your Pet From Halloween Dangers. What a shame that the facts that SeaWorld's using are actually lies. — Global Animal. The film was sponsored and underwritten by Friends of Animals, Humane Society of the U.S., Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, BlueVoice, the American SPCA, The Summerlee Foundation, the Donald Slavik Family Foundation, and The Campbell Foundation, The film is available for viewing free to the public by logging onto its website at (MOVIES) CALIFORNIA — The entertainment industry frequently mistreats animals; however, the abuse often goes unnoticed as such animal “caregivers” claim to offer audiences a learning experience while they rake in the profits. • The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums has worked tirelessly to reduce government oversight on the health and well-being of captive whales and dolphins — states Dr. Naomi Rose. • There is no educational value to having whales or dolphins in a captive environment — says Dr. Naomi Rose, biologist for Humane Society International. A Fall From Freedom is a well-researched and comprehensive history of marine parks and aquariums worldwide that hold whales and dolphins for public entertainment. On an earnings call with investors Thursday, new SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby characterized the company's foundering public image as a battle. But in a statement, SeaWorld called Fischbeck's allegations "a complete distortion of the facts." I went back a year later and had the same opinion. Hear animal sounds for animals like anteaters, dolphins, frogs and more. Hold The Salt: Is Beach Water Safe For Dogs? It's like a cute aquatic mammal slaughterhouse. • Sea World has been involved in illegal and unethical actions to assure their parks are well stocked with killer whales — states former Sea World biologist Dr. John Hall. SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund – Every year over $1,000,000 is donated to conservation projects around the world by the SWBG Conservation Fund., The Global Animal Foundation, 501(c)(3) functions like a Green Cross for animals and gets resources on the ground during disasters and emergencies that put animals, from pets to wildlife, in critical peril…. "The fact is that SeaWorld is highly regulated by the U.S. federal government with frequent inspections by federal veterinarians and other government officials," Aimée Jeansonne Becka, senior director for corporate communications at SeaWorld, said. But in a statement, SeaWorld called Fischbeck's allegations "a complete distortion of the facts." Everything we do in the care of whales is centered on the mother-calf bond. The nonprofit Orca Network says at least eight calves have been separated from their mothers while they were still dependent. Topics covered in the film include: • Sea World representatives secretly promoted the Japanese dolphin drives where thousands of animals are driven to shore and brutally killed, in order to provide their parks with replacement animals — says Dr. John Hall, former Sea World biologist. (A SeaWorld spokesman has denied that Tilikum’s killing of three trainers showed aggressive intent and has defended the star orca’s reentry … Fortunately, a new documentary titled “A Fall From Freedom” sheds light on Sea World’s appalling actions against marine life. Tell the park not to reopen until all the dolphins and whales are released to seaside sanctuaries. Shutterstock. Dave Phillips of the Free Willy-Keiko Foundation argues that the project was a rousing success, which proved that these animals can be taken from captivity, rehabilitated and returned to the wild. A Fall From Freedom, an 82-minute film, produced by the San Francisco-based EarthViews Productions, includes interviews with scientists, marine mammal biologists, former trainers, activists, and current marine park representatives. All they have done is warned the trainers that if they're in the water with Tilikum, they may not survive. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. When SeaWorld launched its #AskSeaWorld campaign on Twitter, inviting people to send in their questions, they were bombarded with queries about the company's treatment of its orcas. Fend Your Flock: 8 Best Dog Breeds To Protect Chickens, Did You Know? The Truth About Dog Bites: Don’t Bully Breeds! SeaWorld claims to be a sanctuary for animals but it has a small problem of them dying, all the friggin' time. Learn more about the Seasonal Camp Counselor program at SeaWorld. Tell the park not to reopen until all the dolphins and whales are released to seaside sanctuaries. We don't separate calves from their mothers. sea world Bikash Randhawa, Village Roadshow Theme Parks chief operating officer We have a long history of working with marine animals, with … SAN DIEGO — A SeaWorld San Diego trainer and two veterinarians said Tuesday they were offended by repeated accusations of animal abuse made … Seaworld downplays these issues, and have not taken any action against the slaughters. Unhealthy Animals. HOW WE HELP PETS, FARM ANIMALS & WILDLIFE DURING DISASTERS, DONATE | Make a One-Time Tax-Deductible Donation, TRIBUTE GIFT | Donate in Honor of a Loved One, MONTHLY GIFT | Support Ongoing Animal Rescue + Rehabilitation, “Snowflake” Snags Rave Reviews & Editor’s Choice From Publisher’s Weekly Booklife, New Novel Attacks Trump On Climate Crisis, Book Review: ‘Snowflake’ Succeeds in Using Fiction to Communicate Climate Facts, Global Animal publishes novel “Snowflake”, Japan’s Animal Victims: Truth & News vs. SeaWorld bizarrely dismissed them all as trolls and spambots. Last year, SeaWorld tweeted a picture of a mother orca and her calf to illustrate their respect for the "mother-calf bond." Research has documented stress … "I have both seen and have been a part of depriving whales of food too many times to count," former trainer John Jett wrote in response. The mammals are highly intelligent and swim vast distances in the wild. SeaWorld has made it through the choppy waters and as we have reported, it has had several consecutive quarters of growth in revenue with attendance over … 8 Household Items Tested On Animals, The Global Animal Foundation, 501(c)(3) functions like a Green Cross for animals and gets resources on the ground during disasters and emergencies that put animals, from pets to wildlife, in critical peril. The show features a garish Disney-esque set in which sea lions are forced to perform inane tricks like "dancing" for the crowd. Animal Sounds Animal Sounds. See more at They force breed and inbreed their animals. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Its other films include The Free Willy Story: Keiko’s Journey Home, a primetime Discovery Channel original program, narrated by Rene Russo, and a primetime TBS Special, A World With Dolphins, hosted by Bridget Fonda. A shocking aerial photo shows the cramped living conditions of SeaWorld’s orcas, with more space given to car parks and a boating lake. SeaWorld wants to cover up its rampant torment of animals by any means possible.According to a Reddit post by former trainer and whistleblower John Hargrove, sea lions and walruses go blind at SeaWorld – likely as a result of poor water quality.

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