The e609 is less harsh sounding in the upper mids, and is much more forgiving about where you place it on the speaker. The difference is, this is a dedicated guitar mic, not an all-rounder. I used both a new Fender American Original 70s Telecaste The Sennheiser e609 is a super-cardioid silver instrument microphone designed for miking guitar cabs face-on and extremely close to the source. eclecto-acoustic Coal-hating feral hippie. Thread starter Prince; Start date May 26, 2017; Shure SM57 or Sennheiser e609? In opposite of being a versatile microphone like Shure SM 57, Sennheiser e609 is specially designed for electric guitar. But the Sennheiser 609 is much the opposite - very warm and smooth, tremendous clarity yet virtually ZERO harshness. The SM57 (vs. Senheiser e609) Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by yureal, May 1 , 2006. A SM57 sounds clearer, fuller, and much more detailed. The Sennheiser E609 dynamic super-cardioid guitar mic is an alternative to something like the Shure SM57. Next Last. The supercardioid polar pattern can give it nice sound isolation when performing live. The SM57 requires a mic stand to place in front of a guitar cabinet, while the e609 does not (you can hang it instead). Shure SM57 Votes: 27 49.1% Sennheiser e609 Votes: 24 43.6% Other...(please explain) Votes: 4 7.3% Total voters 55; Prev. Platinum Supporting Member. On snare drum, the '57 is far superior to the e609-- But the 609 is intended to be a cabinet mic, not a snare drum mic. While some microphones look to offer a completely natural sound, the E609 does have its own character. Go. … Though it is difficult to beat an SM57, Sennheiser really fell flat with this mic. Messages 10,173. Sennheiser's e609 is in the same price range as an SM57 and yet, in my opinion, there is a huge gap in sound. The tone of the e609 sounds more natural and transparent than the darker sound of the SM57. One cool feature is Sennheiser e609 doesn’t need a microphone stand, you can hang it with the cable from the top of the amp. So I finally put a video together comparing them to a Vintage SM57 and a modern Sennheiser e609. The sm58 works great on guitar cabs: That's what me and my brother were told, but our recordings keep … I love the SM57 for many guitar amps, but not always as it can have a peaky, sharp bite to it. Shure SM57 vs Sennheiser e609. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Never knew what they were good for. I've had a couple AKG D1000E mics lying around for over 30 years. This is a hum compensating dynamic microphone that will help you to control your feedback. yureal Guest. It's flat shape makes it quick and easy to apply and the capsule provides low sensitivity to structure-borne noise. 1; 2; 3; Next. You may have to EQ out the harshness in the SM57, while the e609 can be left flat with no EQ. e 609 silver - Guitar Microphone - Super Cardioid Pick-Up - Studio, Live Performance, Recording - Sennheiser Discover True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor made solutions - For pedal steel, I don't care much for the SM57, sometimes ok, but often a bit harsh, lacks warmth and lush mids. No matter what the source I have found the the e609 to be crushed by it's competitor. I like the sound of 2 SM57's on one speaker cone. Tags: e609; microphones; pro audio; sennheiser e609; shure; shure sm57; Audio-Technica AT5047: The New AT5047 Premier Studio Microphone Purity Transformed.

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