Barnhart: That’s exactly what we are working to do, but at this point, we don’t have enough information to release it without, um, [inaudible]. At a September faculty meeting, faced with calls for his own resignation, President Reif responded, “I want to beg you, honest to goodness, wait a little longer.” We will not wait a day longer. Year; Quantum-enhanced measurements: beating the standard quantum limit. MIT knew that the donor was Epstein and fully approved the donation with this knowledge. It also would require holding other professors accountable for their associations with child sex traffickers (a high bar, apparently). Please note that I am sharing this information not to in any way diminish my mistakes, but because I should be judged for only what I actually did. When we questioned Lloyd about these matters he continually deflected by trying to shift the conversation to the abstract question of rehabilitating people with criminal pasts. Professor Seth Lloyd, who visited a child sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, in prison, and subsequently received funding from him for his research, is still teaching classes and advising freshmen here this semester. MG: So, can’t we have the same aggregate information about faculty that I asked fo two years ago? We would like to provide you with an update on the email we sent you last week. We’ve received some, uh, feedback from the students, we’re processing that information, but at this point, um, we believe that right now, um, we’re trying to get a picture of the students that are currently in the class, and let that inform our decisions. “It wasn’t money that I needed. Articles Cited by. No te las pierdas. Aquí te recopilamos todas las frases y citas que dijo Seth Lloyd en su momento. While meeting with an administrator, one student still in Lloyd’s class received unprompted and resolute insistence that Lloyd would keep teaching, including an argument that any immediate discipline would lead to a ‘slippery slope’ under which many other professors could face similar consequences. How do you think this situation reflects on MIT’s to properly handle inappropriate faculty behavior at the higher levels of power, and do you believe it’s okay that he hasn’t even been suspended from teaching while the relevant groups decide on what to do? Jetzt entdecken! Seth Lloyd, the tenured professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, should not be teaching. Taking all feedback we’ve received into careful consideration, we believe that at this stage it is best for Professor Lloyd to continue as course instructor. In response, on June 24, 2012, an MIT officer replied to Epstein’s accountant, in part: ‘Many thanks for your message on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein; we look forward to receiving the first installment of his gift . And you’re absolutely right, um, transparency is very important, and um, we pride ourselves on being a data-driven institution. .’. Seth Lloyd, cited in: Michael Schmiechen (2009) Newton's Principia Revisited. We release the same about faculty, which we have more data about over the past three years than students, it shouldn’t be a concern. Buzzfeed recently published an exposé detailing the relationship between Epstein and Edge, which is run by John Brockman, the literary agent who sat at the center of the network of patronage that helped connect Epstein with elite scientists and shield his reputation. All of the feedback we have received thus far from the students currently enrolled in class 2.111/8.370/18.435 has been supportive of Professor Lloyd continuing to teach the class. To reiterate: please come to 4–231 tomorrow for class at 1p. As detailed below, I never hid the identity of Epstein as the donor prior to the donation being accepted.

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