jump to content. But Shenmue 3 is a bad video game and it’s important we recognise that. Talk about and show anything related to the Shenmue series. But ahead of launch, there's good and bad news for potetial buyers of this game 18-years in the making. The biggest problem with Shenmue 3 is that it felt like a betrayal to the fans. Should you buy Shenmue 3? Find me some sailors if old. Shenmue 3 would have been well … Glitchy visuals, interminable design, and incomprehensible dialogue ruin what might have been a … popular-all-random-users | news-AskReddit-funny-pics-tifu-videos-worldnews-aww-gaming-todayilearned-mildlyinteresting-television-gifs ... get reddit premium. I haven't played Shenmue 3 but I enjoyed Shenmue 1 a reasonable amount. You also get some sort of warning one month before. I read somewhere that the bad ending occurs at 1987 so be careful not to take too, too much your time. Shenmue 3 is inching closer to its official launch date, but the process has been one ugly scandal after another. It wasn't perfect, it sure as hell it has flaws, but there was still that Shenmue feel when I was playing the game. Shenmue 3 arrives nearly two decades after Shenmue 2, but still seems locked in the past. my subreddits. It’s OK to like bad things sometimes. edit subscriptions. Shenmue Shenmue 3 Review: Good and very bad news for fans ahead of Tuesday release date The Shenmue 3 release date is finally here. For many Kickstarter backers of the long-awaited continuation of the series, the project began as a lofty dream: to finally see the conclusion to Shenmue II , first released in 2001. What do other people think of 3 eight months after release? But 3 was a bit of a dissapointment but I still liked it. New SEW video on Shenmue 3, I've just started watching but already it's quite something.

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