Luxury shopping in tourism. Through shopping, the tourist can acquire knowledge about the identity of the territory, which increases their interest in and personal appreciation of it, turning into a loyal future consumer of this or other destinations. Brenner, L., & Aguilar, A. G. (2002). The methodology of this study will be literature review related to the findings in the previous literature, and the critical evaluation of the findings. The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2020 Whether you're traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are the 50 best places to visit in 2020. Within this dynamic, Tourism stands out as one of the most important economic activities of the turn of the century due to being an indisputable factor of development and human exchange in our current society. Hwang, J., & Hyun, S. S. (2017). The high Shopping capacity of the tourist. Th e Professional Geographer, 54(4), 500-520. Given the incapability of using luxury tourism facilities for other purposes in the case of failure, the sector does not develop in many destinations without subsequent incentives provided by market demand, or government subsidies and tax cuts, since the expected returns in the middle and long-run are very unpredictable. Focused on the offer of known brands on both on an international and a national level. Currently, the touristic and commercial sectors unite their forces as motors of economic and social development due to their character of dynamization and complementarity, in a way that this joint effect is greater than the sum of the effects that can be reached separately as they help improve the competitiveness of the tourist destination, as well as that of its commercial area, by generating new forms of social development and economic benefit in the receiving territories. Correia, A., Kozak, M., & Kim, S. (2018). Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 14(1), 62-79. Compared to the potential of luxury tourism for providing an important amount of tourism revenue, there are only a few destinations in the world which lure upper socio-economical segment of tourists for luxury shopping as a primary goal of their travel. However, it should be also noted that the shopping motivation is not generalizable for all tourists, since previous studies also conceptualized the notion of “antishopping tourism”, indicating the resistant attitudes of tourists towards consumption and money spending while shopping-related tours (Régi et al, 2016). New York, NY: Free Press. E. Las Vegas has achieved its current level of success, primarily due to: A. Today the relationship between tourism and environment has been receiving a growing level of attention all over the world. Besides that, tourism infrastructure also plays a significant role in luxury shopping tourism development, as well as other tourism activities. In a study by Ioana-Daniela et al (2018) on luxury cruise tourism, the role of fantasy as a social value in luxury brand preference is also highlighted. There are several motivations behind this growing inclination for luxury consumption, such as impression of other people, an urge for enhancing social status, satisfaction of hedonistic desires, representation of uniqueness, or seeking high quality in products, especially in electronic goods (Hung et al, 2018). SHOPPING TOURISM OF PRODUCTS WITH CULTURAL IDENTITY: It’s important to clarify that while Shopping Tourism of transnational products is related to select urban destinations and usually associated with the shopping of products of international brands, many tourists bet on the local products, elaborated in a certain space of the visited territory, due to them standing out for the techniques and ancestral materials typical of their society. Shopping centres beyond purchasing of luxury goods: a tourism perspective. The promotion of the cultural identity of the territory. Nonetheless, the investments in luxury tourism are generally considered as risky. For those of you planning a trip outside of your home state right now, CNN Travel has put together a US travel guide so you know what you're in for before you go. ADVERTISEMENTS: Sustainable Tourism: Impact, Tourism Development and Other Details! Shopping is an important part of the visitor experience and can be leveraged by the community to capture a larger share of tourists’ spending. Kang, Y. J., & Park, S. Y. Th e promotion of tourism infrastructure and luxury tourism facilities can be encouraged by the involvement of luxury brand owner local and national stakeholders as well as the eff orts of government for selectively transforming some of these destinations for the concentration of luxury tourism services with tax cuts, branding subsidies and so forth, which would in turn increase the competency of luxury brands in certain destination by decreasing the cost for their sales.

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