I'm still burping the food as I write this. We started off by sharing the FRIED YUCCA. shrimp, shrimp stock, sugar, extra-virgin olive oil, dry sherry and 8 more Shrimp and Ham Fried Rice Crisco chopped ham, soy sauce, green onions, Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil and 9 more 1. Their menu is so expansive and for those who don't like Brazilian food, they have a menu that includes pastas and sandwiches that are very American. https://www.justapinch.com/recipes/main-course/pasta/shrimp-stroganoff.html Heat oil in a saute pan. Cynthia Presser, a blogger and the author of "Cooking with a Brazilian Twist," shares a recipe for a stick-to-your-ribs Brazilian dish: Brazilian Stroganoff, known in Brazil as Estrogonofe de Carne. Hate to say it (or maybe not) but I don't see this place being open that much longer. The rice is fluffy, light and fragrant. The main dish had large savory shrimp with heart of palms in a creamy pink sauce & I savored it in its entirety. The dish came with either white rice, french fries, or plantains. Want to chime in? You must order it as an app. Cook noodles in large saucepan as directed on package, omitting salt and adding broccoli to the boiling water for the last 5 min. Heat oil in a saute pan. The dish came with either white rice, french fries, or plantains. Get it with fries or mashed potatoes and plantains. Not the best I've ever had, but probably a bit better than I can make at home.I ended up ordering the shrimp stroganoff - what can I say? discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Brazilian food community. I thought that these would be more earth shattering than they were, but instead, they were more like extra starchy french fries. Decided to eat at the Pico location,  what a mistake. Overall, had a great experience, the vibe was great & most importantly the food was just as good as we expected it to be & more.Although next time that I go, cause I'm def planning on going again, I must try the Yuca. Add shrimp and rapidly cook. For my entree, I ordered the SHRIMP STROGANOFF which consisted of sautéed shrimps with heart of palm, and onions in a creamy pink (tomato-based) sauce. Put the meat/chicken into a bowl with garlic, half the onion, salt, nutmeg, oregano and wine. Needed a new place to try and this place was luckily recommended to my friend & I. Served with 2 sides of your choice: White Rice, Mashed Potatoes, French Fries or Plantains. My mom had to send the food back once. Unlike the traditional Russian beef stroganoff, which calls for the use of sour cream, the Brazilian variation uses heavy cream. We honestly couldn't have ended our meal anymore perfectly. Submit corrections. Great way to open up my appetite... Now lets get to the good part, I had the Shrimp Stroganoff w. rice and plantains while my friend ordered Marco's Pork Chop A La Carte. In addition to beef, chicken and shrimp are often used. The rice also soaked up the sauce nicely. Meanwhile, Danielle Noce, of I Could Kill for Dessert, demonstrates her recipe for Bobo de Camarão, a hearty shrimp stew. Meanwhile, … Add shrimp and rapidly cook. It began well,  greeted by a friendly, beautiful waitress taking our order. About the food: the Shrimp Stroganoff is mind-blowing. If there was ever an apocalypse that wiped out every restaurant but one, I'd hope that Bossa Nova was the one still standing! Finally the maracujá that I ordered was also good and very sweet - just the way I like it.Other dishes ordered that I can recall included the chicken madeira with mushrooms & asparagus alongside (supposedly Giselle's favorite) was good - despite "just being chicken". This dish, incidentally, is huge, as were all of the entrees at our table. That, the fact that they're open till 4 am, and the fact they deliver...what's not to like?My favorites include the shrimp stroganoff, New Orleans pasta, Manuella's Special pasta, Rafael's pasta, and the Salmon pizza (unusual but tasty! Yeah... the food is good and prices are reasonable. Join the discussion today. Bossa Nova is one of the places I recommend to a group that needs a big menu to choose from or for late night. My all time favorite thing to get here are the pao de quiejo (the cheese bread). They have a valet parking lot for a few dollars next to do the restaurant or you can find street parking. Have been here multiple times for dinner and lunch. They aren't a bad munchie-type of item, but it's not something that I'd say is a must-order.For my entree, I ordered the SHRIMP STROGANOFF which consisted of sautéed shrimps with heart of palm, and onions in a creamy pink (tomato-based) sauce. Add the lemon juice, sour cream and milk and stir with shrimp until combined. Seasoning sautéed Shrimps with Heart of Palms, Onions and seasoning in a Creamy homemade style Pink Sauce. Though I searched around and found street parking nearby. The shrimp were prepared well and the pink cream sauce was rich without being too heavy, no doubt from the use of tomato, onions, etc. I always like finding Brazilian restaurants that aren't just another churrascaria.But there are so many other places to visit too... and Cafe Brasil is cheaper and easier for me to get to. Brazilian chefs face off with steak, seafood in ‘culinary Olympics’, Brazilian Beef Stroganoff (Estrogonofe de Carne). We both devoured our food. Served with 2 sides of your choice: White Rice, Mashed Potatoes, French Fries or Plantains. It is generally served with shoe-string potatoes and white rice in Brazil. My shrimp stroganoff wasn't good. It was good and refreshing, it had a slice of orange and bits of apple inside. Lightly fried breaded Natural boneless Chicken Breast. You get a huge plate covered in perfect shrimp, palm hearts, and that yummy perfect beige-orange creamy sauce. Turned out to be a very satisfying dish. We also like the Pink Seafood Risotto, the Shrimp Stroganoff, and the Dutch Fries (add the goat cheese and share as an app). Menu may not be up to date. I first came here for dinner with some friends a couple of months ago. Like last time they will probably respond claiming it was something else he at. Crecipe.com deliver fine selection of quality Brazilian stroganoff recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Squeeze lime juice over the shrimp and marinate while preparing other ingredients. Stir in the broth, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, dill and salt. Brazilian stroganoff recipe. I'm a sucker for Brazilian straganoff AND it had a bunch palmito with it. Shrimp Stroganoff. On my plate the plantains were a must!! Portions are very generous here, so you won't leave hungry.Note: They have recently changed the menu so that if you come after 11 pm, each person in your party has to spend $15 a pop. From Airpods to 4K TVs, these are the deals you need to know about now. It had been such a long time since I had any, so I was more than looking forward to trying theirs. If uncooked, cook shrimp until opaque in colour. There menu is too delicious to not to!No matter what entrees you order, the piece de resistance is the CHEESE BREAD. Learn how to cook great Brazilian stroganoff . It is truly such a bummer that a restaurant with such good food has such poor service. Delicious! Heat oven to 350ºF. So good! Add the lemon juice, sour cream and milk and stir with shrimp … Delicious food, fast delivery and they're open late! The place has plenty of seating and I've only had issues finding a seat late at night.I've had a lot of items from their menu but my most recent dish I got was the shrimp stroganoff. It's was bland for my father who eats the same meal all the time. If you're ordering in for two, pick out two entrees to share. All in all, I wouldn't say it's the most authentic Brazilian place I've been to, but it was good food nonetheless, especially when you're in the mood for something hearty and when you're dining with people with different tastes. In the meantime, IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND DON'T WANT TO END UP IN THE HOSPITAL DO NOT EAT FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the Brazilian version of the famous Russian dish Beef Stroganoff.

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