Repeat this process for 2 hours. It just doesn’t have the same SOURCE for the sodium nitrite/nitrate preservatives used in cured bacon. Cut the ends of the bacon off and soak for 2 hours in cold water, hanging the water every hour. You’ll likely keep your home-made bacon frozen until you need it, so why use chemicals? I get 150 every time. I continually make adjustments to this recipe and always make great bacon. Great every time! The smoking temperature for cold smoked bacon is obviously on the lower side, under 100F. I prefer to use apple or cherry wood because it gives the bacon a milder smoke flavor with a touch of sweetness. Use a pastry brush to evenly coat all sides. The goal is to remove the excess salt that has absorbed into the bacon, so that it isn’t overly salty. There are different ways to smoke bacon – cold smoked or hot smoked. Then carefully squeeze out as much of the air as you can from the bag and seal it. Curing and smoking meat is an ancient practice focused on preserving food. You’ll require about 4 pounds (2kg). It works by heating a cooking chamber in which air circulates, heating food via convection. For example, in a post-apocalyptic world that still has electricity, but where bacon is illegal, would I be able to make it myself from scratch? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. My current cure is just salt and garlic powder. 1. Next time, I think I’ll add a little maple extract to the cure and see if I can make maple bacon! While this recipe did work out for me soaking the bacon in a cold water bath after smoking, I have adjusted the amounts of salt in the recipe to use less salt. Cut a thicker than usual slice cooked low and slow and pretend you’re having a bacon steak! I wish I could tell you that making bacon at home is worth the wait, but it probably isn’t for most people just looking for a couple of strips for breakfast or a sandwich. So, don’t be fooled because as it turns out, if you don’t cure the pork belly before making bacon, it ends up tasting a bit like ham rather than bacon. Smoke for 2� hours or until the interior measures 150�F (65�C). At the end of the seventh day, dump the liquid out of the bag containing the now cured pork belly and rinse the pork belly under cold running water to wash off any excess cure. Yes, you read that correct! I will rub the bellies hard with fresh ground black pepper and do a hickory smoke in my master built. Spray non stick spray on the grates. Smoking meat takes patience, space and skill; how much easier is it just to spray on smoke flavoring? We do not publish sponsored reviews; however we may earn a commission when you purchase something using one of our links. Place the belly in the cabinet and t… How to Smoke Bacon Masterbuilt Electric smoker Slab - YouTube If you use anything stronger (like pecan, mesquite, or even hickory), then you should go very light with the amount of wood so as not to over-smoke the bacon. If you really want, you can use this recipe without the pink curing salt, but make sure to cook the pork belly to 160 degrees instead of 150 degrees. I wouldn’t add more than that or the bacon will just taste like a slab of burned wood. Lovely bacon with a great layer of fat. There are different ways to smoke bacon – cold smoked or hot smoked. This includes, among others, the Amazon Associates Program for which, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The smoking temperature for cold smoked bacon is obviously on the lower side, under 100F. Leave as much of the fat as you can. UPDATE TO RECIPE: A reader wrote to me informing me that he followed this recipe exactly and the end result produced extremely salty bacon. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All you need is a top-notch electric smoker and a … Making your own smoked bacon is not difficult, works out cheaper than buying it sealed in plastic, and gives you endless options as to what flavor you like best. This is plenty of smoke, but for those that want it smokier, add another half cup of wood chips after the first hour. This piece is edible, but it will probably be very salty and it won’t be the best expression of the bacon. The best thing about making your own is that you’re no longer restricted to those anemic, paper-thin ribbons that have somehow become fashionable. NOTE: This is different than Himalayan pink salt, so please be sure about what you are using! So glad you’ve been enjoying it! When it comes to juicy, succulent, and moist bacon, nothing can do the job as well as an electric smoker. Turn it over once a day. throw some maple, apple, or … It tasted great and pretty much like store-bought bacon. This provides moisture so the bacon doesn’t dry out, but also some sweet flavor. The sky is the limit. Thoroughly rub the meat with the curing mixture all over, place in a pan and put it in the refrigerator. Our reviews are unbiased, and our opinions are our own. Transfer to a tightly sealed container or bag and refrigerate for up to a month or freeze for up to a year. Smoking bacon in an electric smoker is easier than you think. Get your smoker ready at 175�F (80�C). A two pound slab of pork belly will take roughly 2.5 hours to reach 150 degrees F. Remove the bacon from the smoker and take a whiff of what will soon be your homemade bacon! I find using the “cold smoking setup” is the only way to achieve the low temperatures that are required. I enjoyed cutting thicker slices though. Repeat this process for up to 7 days and no longer.

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