However, on the test there will be 10 words. Spelling Lessons 1-15 address 8 spelling words. This list includes 50 challenging first grade words and, to extend learning, 50 challenging second grade words. Short-A Worksheets. Week 17 Sight words, inal blend Sight words, inal nd, ch,and academic vocabulary 1.feet 3.led 4.spell 5.air 6.bend 7.send 8.mind 9.offend 10.sand This page has a selection of short-a poems, mini-books, worksheets, and word sorts. Print worksheets using the word list: Spelling Bee Grade 1 & 2 (121- 140) Grade 1 - Grade 2. Your child will only be tested on those 12 words. The 2020-2021 School Spelling Bee Study List is broken down into three levels of difficulty: One Bee, Two Bee and Three Bee. Printable worksheets and activities. Learn about the words: Spelling Bee Grade 1 & 2 (161 - 180) using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, spelling games, spelling tests and printable activities. Spelling tests will occur every other Friday unless otherwise noted. One Bee words include words appropriate for first, second and third grade s. The list below includes 50 challenging first grade words. Spelling Bee List for grades 9-12 March 2012 aberration abomination abscond absence accommodation accompaniment acidify acquisition acquittance acrimonious actuary admire adumbrate aeronaut agglomerate agriculture alabaster alcohol allegation ambassador ampersand analysis anthropomorphous antique anxiety apparatus appropriate archaeology armadillo These printable pdf worksheets and resources are ideal for working offline: Printable word list - a useful printable resource of the word list. If you would like to be well prepared for a school spelling bee, ask your teacher The two additional words will feature the same vowel pattern as those listed. The next unit in the STW spelling series has short-e words. Word list: jet, gem, peg, ten, bed, yes, get, red. If you learn the spellings and meanings of these 100 words, you will be well prepared for a first grade classroom bee. Word list activities: Spelling Bee Grade 1 & 2 (161 - 180). Spelling Lessons 16-30 address a total of 12 words. 1st Grade Spelling (Full Index) From here you can jump to any unit in the Grade 1 spelling curriculum.

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