Mett is a German delicacy of raw ground pork, which is often purchased from the metzger or butcher already prepared and spiced with salt and pepper, sometimes with garlic and ground caraway. This is a Mettwurst, a German spreadable sausage. A spreadable mettwurst sausage, originally from Rheine, the town in the district of Steinfurt in Westphalia, Germany. It is similar to spreadable mettwurst sausage. This northern German variety is similar to salami and to another German sausage called "holsteiner". The Italian n’duja, Spanish sobrassada, and German mettwurst all come from the same family of charcuterie; ground meats that are fermented, highly spiced, and spreadable when finished. It is reddish brown in color, has a smoky flavor, and is generally spread on bread or crackers when eaten. Meats Metric US; ... very skimpy instructions and hardly any explanations. A spreadable, smoked German sausage made from finely ground beef and pork taken from mature animals. This sausage has many different styles of preparation as you might find mettwurst in casings, fully dried, in a jar, or spreadable. Its name comes from the time of day that it was commonly served, "teatime." Thus, giving it the name Teawurst. Tracing its roots back to the Baltic region in the mid-1800s, this smoked and cured meat spread became wildly popular in Germany as a tea time snack. I love fermented meat. Mettwurst is a strongly flavoured German sausage made most often from raw minced pork, but some authentic recipes (like the one here) call for the addition of veal and/or beef. Mettwurst is a German sausage. The sausage is preserved by curing and smoking. Today’s version of mettwurst is a semi dried cured and cold smoked sausage that can be eaten as is or over bread with onions. In northern Germany, it is known as hackpeter.If raw onion is added, then it is called zwiebelmett; if onion and rubbed marjoram are added, it is known as thüringer mett.

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