Lyon will ask to duel Dolph, as he is all that stands between you and Lord Godwin. You’ll have a few Dragon Knight units, and make a few Beaver units. He attempts to attack you but you pull out the Dawn Rune and disintegrate him. Switch to Lyon now who will have a long path and then a west/north intersection. All in all, if you’re a cautious and patient fighter, this should be easy for you. Take him to the same place the other two groups are at, and you’ll be prompted to take a small party further north while the others fight the guardians pursuing you. Explore around and talk at the War Room, when you go to your room it’ll fast forward to the night where Sialeeds will kill Salum Barows, leaving the incapable Euram to pull for the family. Back with Lucretia, you’ll talk with Georg who will prompt you a question (choose the first). From here, heading east a bit and then taking the south exit gives you a Blinking Rune Piece. Basically he says Armes knew that the Godwins would never pay up and that they just wanted to buy time for the Sun Rune to be analyzed. In case anyone is keeping track, I put Roog and Rahal in the Entourage since I didn’t have the money to build their weapons up. This scene can vary. The rest of the Sauronix people will join your forces and you can march on your HQ when you wish. Alenia will say that Sialeeds is dying, and thus Gizel will use the Sun Rune and all hell will break loose. They go down in Culgan/Seed fashion, a la Suikoden 2. Before you go, understand you cannot bring females to this location. One last non-storyline Star of Destiny to get (unless you missed Eresh and are planning on getting Euram later), so go to Hershville and talk to the guy in the Administration office. Unfortunately, the water units can’t go on land here and vice versa. Painting are your gifts after this fight. More of these will come up, with Ferid, Arshtat, Sialeeds, Gizel, Marscal, Dilbur, Luger, Alenia, Zahhak, seemingly all praising you. Now those Beaver and Dragon Horse units, have them help the ships to take out the enemy naval units. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Go to Lunas now, and Haswar will show you the entrance via the bath-area from Lymsleia’s retreat to Lunas way back at the beginning. Before that though, go to the upper-left room for a Windspun Helm and the lower-right room for the Old Book 3. After the scenes, what happened to the rest of the 108 stars will be narrated. A Crazed Orb (again) and a ? Use high-level spells here to knock these four down. Jidan, Childerich and Maha will be discussing things and then they’ll hear that you are waiting outside the castle to lay siege. In turn, you’ll split up into three groups, with you going the Dawn Rune route, Georg and Zweig going north to the Sun Rune, and Lyon going west to the Twilight Rune. At this point, you can get Euram Barows if you didn’t get Eresh. Go to the bath area and use your two runes to open up a path to the ruins. will george stay at the castle in suikoden v at the end? A very nice scene if you ask me. Luger and Dilber will finally stand up and complain that Childerich lost the trust of the people because of his malicious tactics. However your party can only be from the members you brought along in the three groups, and furthermore it cannot be Georg or Zweig but Lyon and the Prince (obviously) must be included. It’s sad how persistent these two have been throughout the entire game. To get the true ending, all 108 stars of destiny need to be recruited. Luger will pass away as Raja and the Prince look on, saddened to see one of the few quality people in the Godwin army go down. She’ll then talk a bit and pass away. After this, 5 scenes will be shown (same as with the 5 scenes that will be shown in Ending #1). This is the official ending of the Characters in Suikoden Tierkreis. Before you go, understand you cannot bring females to this location. Exit out west now to get a Pale Gate Piece in the southwest near the lake, and the Blood Scale Mail in the northwest. -Good Ending B "Lymsleia's Ending": Having all 108 SoDs and having chosen to stay at Sol-Falena with Lymsleia. When you reach the end (which is to the northeast of this second section), you’ll come upon an entrance and three doors; one for each rune (Twilight/Sun/Dawn). Meanwhile, Alenia will be getting on Shula, and then he’ll talk to Sharmista. South of here is Ax, Nick and Yoran, who will join you.

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