Sway just passed its one-year mark, and we are very inspired to see millions of users from all over the globe using Sway in their work and personal lives. They also provide several “get inspired” presentations to give you an idea of things Sway can do. You can follow … Ideally, you should be sending a newsletter … Newsletter Templates Make Content Creation Easy. With a newsletter template from Adobe Spark, you can ensure your communications provoke the desired responses from your customers. These templates include things like business presentations, portfolios, resumes, and newsletters. If what you’re writing about doesn’t appear here, or you’re just stuck on what to put in your presentation, Sway … This thread is locked. Thanks, Hannah. Embed a sway newsletter directly into an email? We hope to serve even more people by delivering on … Hi, I am looking to use sway to create an email template and embed sway into the email.

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