With Resorcinol, gives blue colouration whereas catechol gives green colouration. Phenol turns blue litmus paper red. Tests for Phenolic group Phenols are compounds containing a hydroxyl group attached to an aromatic ring. Take the organic compound to be tested in a test tube. Dilute the whole mixture with equal volume of water. On further reaction with dilute sodium hydroxide solution gives a pink colour fluorescent compound called fluorescein. Phenol is one of the most versatile and important industrial organic chemicals. This confirms the presence of phenolic group in the given compound. Heat about 50 mg of the organic compound with sodium nitrite (2-3 crystals) gently for 30 seconds in a dry test tube. Compounds with a phenol group will form a blue, violet, purple, green, or red-brown color upon addition of aqueous ferric chloride. The intermediate compound formed in phthalein dye test is phenolphthalein. Observe the change in colour, if it changes to red then phenolic group may be present. Observe the change in the colour in a white background. To the cooled mixture add 1 mL conc. Characteristic colours are produced by different phenolic compounds which can be viewed under white background. To identify the presence of phenolic functional group in a given organic compound. Dilute the solution with water so that the given compound turns red if phenolic group is present. Dissolve a pinch of organic compound in water or alcohol. Note. The brown precipitate formed during the preparation of ferric chloride solution is ferric hydroxide. Any of the above tests can be used to detect the phenol group in a compound. The solution appears red in colour on dilution with water and the colour changes to blue or green on treatment with sodium hydroxide. Keep visiting CoolGyan to learn more about class 12 CBSE chemistry practicals. Add 1ml of concentrated sulfuric acid to it and shake the contents. A red, blue, green or purple colouration indicates the presence of phenol. Test For Phenolic Group in Organic Compound, Estimation of Sulphur in Organic Compounds, Qualitative Analysis of Ferric (Iron III) Ion, Test For Carboxylic Group in Organic Compound. Place the drop of given organic solution or a small crystal on moist blue litmus paper. ... Litmus Test. Add NaOH solution to the mixture. 6C6H5OH + FeCl3 → [Fe(C6H5O)6]3– (violet colour complex)+ 3HCl + 3H+. Concentrated acids should be handled with care. The organic compound is mixed with solid sodium nitrite (2-3 crystals) and gently warmed for a few seconds. Theory – Litmus paper changes... Ferric Chloride Test. Phenol undergoes electrophilic substitution reaction with bromine. Red litmus paper turns blue while blue litmus paper remains unchanged in the presence of a base. This shows that phenol is acidic in nature. Aim Theory Apparatus Procedure Result FAQs. Heat the mixture gently and allow it to cool. Aqueous solution of phenol reacts with freshly prepared ferric chloride solution gives coloured complex. Aromatic electrophilic substitution reaction takes place when bromine is treated with phenol. If a red, blue or violet colouration appears, then the presence of phenolic group is confirmed. To identify the presence of phenolic functional group in a given organic compound. A few drops of this solution are mixed with neutral ferric chloride solution. Add drops of concentrated sulfuric acid to the mixture. If a red, blue or violet colouration appears, then the presence of phenolic group is confirmed. The colours produced by simple phenolic compounds with ferric chloride solution is listed below. Phthalein Dye Test. 1. Test for Phenolic Group Table of Content. For example, red colouration is obtained with phenol while, with o, m- and p-cresol, it is violet. Aim – To detect the presence of a phenol functional group in a given sample. The colours produced by different phenolic compounds in phthalein dye test is listed below. Violet or blue colouration shows presence of phenol. Phenols are weaker acids than carboxylic acids. The given organic compound is ___________ . With excess of phenol and sulfuric acid a deep blue indophenol complex is formed. Phenol is a hydroxyl group (-OH) on an aromatic ring or simply the hydroxy derivatives of aromatic compounds are known as phenols. Dissolve the given organic compounds in water. Observe the change in the colour of the solution. Any of the following test can be carried out to detect the phenolic functional group.

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