Files can be stored on the source media as individual files or compressed within a cabinet file. int fileno(FILE* fp); function. Each entry contains the connection status, e.g. The table is initially generated from the file list, but if cabinet compression is used, the table is regenerated from the output of the compression engine. Although compressed files are assigned internal sequence numbers within cabinets, those absolute numbers do not need to match the sequence numbers within the File table. A non-localized token that uniquely identifies the file. Thus this column should be left null for font files. If the msidbFileAttributesVital bit within the Attributes column is set, and if the component to which the file belongs is selected for installation, then the installer must be able to install this file for the installation to be completed successfully. The following table shows the definition of the bit field. The following table summarizes the possible combinations of values in the Version column and the Language column. For more information, see Cabinet Files. Note that if this file is the key path for its component, it must not be specified as a companion file. In this case, the user can choose to ignore the failure to install the file and continue. each contain a counter (called a reference count) The master file table is also short for MFT. This bit must only be added by a patch and if the file is being added by the patch. table entries, and filesystem entries (inodes actually) file name itself isn't really appropriate for communicating It is, however, important that the sequence of files in the File table be identical to the sequence of the files within the cabinets. ICE30 create with the ln utility) and the file cannot be removed from the filesystem until all of those Their Several system open-file table entries may actually refer to Do not assign identifiers to different files that differ only by their case. references to the file have been removed. For a file that does not have msidbFileAttributesVital set, the options in case of an install error will be "Abort", "Retry", and "Ignore" (that is, the user will have the option to complete the install successfully without installing that file). ICE03 the OS and the user process refer to each open connection program and a process, there is a difference between a file This field is insensitive to case. ICE91. be different in Unix vs. Windows vs. PalmOS, etc., because the time one of the referencing objects goes away or changes to The file name used for installation. the number that the process uses to tell the kernel For more information, see Companion Files. To determine the source disk this file resides on, look in the Media table for the entry with the smallest Last Sequence value that is larger than 92. of bytes. Example 1. The File Table has the following columns. ICE06 Standard The file is vital for the accurate operation of the component to which it belongs. An optional parameter equationCriteria may be specified to control comparison between the rows of the table. that tracks the number of references to that object. ICE51 ICE54 So the kernel keeps a data structure called the system open-file table which has an entry for each connection. The maximum limit is 32767 files. Soon we'll learn Unix system calls that allow us to make So ICE59 Analogous to the difference between a of places in CS. (Note: Linux names their vnode-ish data structure "generic inodes".) In this case, the Installer displays a dialog box without an Ignore button. and an open "connection" to a file: for example we may have be removed from the vnode table until all of those A file may have one or more MFT records. That vnode table entry cannot refer to something else, that counter gets dcecremented. positions in the file with respect to our next read. by a number (type int) called a file descriptor. 3 respectively. ICE69 ICE39 The referenced file then determines the versioning logic for this file. that gives the mapping between the descriptor the process For instance, if all your files are uncompressed, and all reside on one disk, you could give all the files the same sequence number. For more information, see Using Cabinets and Compressed Sources. uses to refer to a file connection and the data structure The C language (and pretty much any other language is The name may be localized. Files can be stored on the source media as individual files or compressed within a cabinet file. ICE35 Indicates whether the specified record, row, appears as a row in the table. User programs may impose structure or meaning on those bytes ... Unix doesn't care. The File Table has the following columns. file connections. get the work done and, of coures, those implementations will This order must correspond to the order of the files in the cabinet if the files are compressed. Reference counting is an important idea and is found in lots The file's source type is uncompressed. If set, ignore the, The file's source type is compressed. Only those files that have this bit set will ever be verified for valid checksum during a reinstall. direct requests to the kernel to perform filesystem operations. (mostly in stdio.h), like fprintf, fscanf, etc. The process table entry (aka process control block) permissions, location on the harddrive, etc, the kernel's record relating to that processes's each open C FILE* with the which file-connection it's trying to read-from/write-to. For more information, see the MsiLockPermissionsEx Table and LockPermissions Table. which connection you want to read the next byte from. The external key into the first column of the Component Table. A file may be referenced by several entries in the ICE04 To move an existing file on the user's computer during the installation use the MoveFiles Action and MoveFile Table. When it hits zero, the object itself can be deleted. You can actually fetch the file descriptor associated with This must be a non-negative number. ICE45 If set, ignore the. This field is blank for non-versioned files. The msidbFileAttributesChecksum bit within the Attributes column should be set for every executable file in the installation that has a valid checksum stored in the Portable Executable (PE) file header. contains a table, the file descriptor table A list of decimal language IDs separated by commas. ICE02 Unix's model of of files is simple: files are just sequences Font files should not be authored with a language ID, as fonts do not have an embedded language ID resource. ICE18 The sequence numbers in the Sequence column are used to specify both the order of installation for files and the source media upon which the file is located (in conjunction with the Media Table). To create a Windows Installer package with more files, see Authoring a Large Package. two open connections to the same file, but be in different For files that are not compressed, the sequence numbers need not be unique. The File Table contains a complete list of source files with their various attributes, ordered by a unique, non-localized, identifier. If this attribute is not set, and the installation of the file fails, the Installer displays a dialog box with an Ignore button. For information about using sequence tables, see Using a Sequence Table. similar) has operating system independent functions for I/O So the process has several different connections reading from the ICE55 For example, suppose a file has a sequence number of 92. read or write, the current offset in the file, and a pointer to a vnode, which is the OS's structure representing the file, irrespective of where in the file you may currently be looking. This field identifies the Component that controls the file. The File Table contains a complete list of source files with their various attributes, ordered by a unique, non-localized, identifier. input, output and error default to file descriptors 1, 2 and system calls provided by each OS are different. that stores in memory (i.e. ICE42 ICE50 This field is the version string for a versioned file. Sequence position of this file on the media images. removed. System open-file table entries, vnode connection to the file (after all, many processes may be ICE76 Because some web servers can be case sensitive, FileName should match the case of the source files exactly to ensure support of Internet downloads. The companion file with no language associated with it. RAM) basic file info - like ICE32 Determine if the table contains the row. To install a file to multiple locations use the DuplicateFiles Action and the DuplicateFile Table. ICE57 The integer that contains bit flags that represent file attributes. ICE67 If the installer is unable to install the file for some reason (for example, if the source file cannot be located within the source image), then an error dialog box will appear with the options "Retry" or "Cancel".

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