Friday - Maklouba. Kabob House Mediterranean Grill « Back To Bloomingdale, NJ. 9 reviews 1 photo. Please call us to order now or click the link below. Our goal is to bring the taste of Kabob House to every community! KEBAB HOUSE. 2 reviews. Zaki Kabob House Menu Zaki Nightly Specials Tuesday - Molokhia. Our goal is to bring the taste of Kabob House to every community. Call for reservation due to limited seating. Served with your choice of chopped salad or seasoned jasmine rice, Zaki menu items that can be prepared quickly for Zaki's on the go lunch crowd, Fresh made-to-order falafels, fried eggplant, tahini sauce, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions all wrapped in a warm pita, served with your choice of fries or fresh chopped salad, Made to order fresh cut romaine lettuce, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions, with grilled chicken breast, served with your choice of a cup of Leek& lentil, Chicken, or Lentil soup, These salads give you a quick taste bud tour of all of the best flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean Levant region with fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, toasted pita, olive oil- lemon vinaigrette and feta cheese, topped with your choice of shawerma style meat, sautéed to order, World Famous (also known as döner kabab, tarna, or gyro) Prepared from scratch the "old style" way by sautéing fresh, not processed, meat seasoned with an imported shawerma seasoning, wrapped in a warm pita with tahini sauce, fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions served with your choice of fries or fresh chopped salad, Surrounded by the sights and smells of the region during his youth, Mr. Espresso's founder, Carlo Di Ruocco, set out to master the art and science behind coffee roasting and blending of classic espressos true to the region. $7.99. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Kabob House locations in Albany, NY. VIEW MENU "We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly. Kabob House promises every guest quality food at a reasonable price. We aim to put smiles on our guest's faces through our fresh, healthy dishes, along with our courteous and speedy service. We aim to put smiles on our guest's faces through our fresh, healthy dishes, along with our courteous and speedy service.Our goal is to bring the taste of Kabob House to every community! They have quite a… 0.02 mi. Find 127 listings related to Kabob House in Albany on M S. We come here a LOT. , healthy dishes, along with our courteous and speedy service. The Chicken Kabob plate is delicious , and an… 1 review. Kabob House promises every guest quality food at a reasonable price. $16.95 Thursday. Serves 2 people. Menu may not be up to date. "-Anna Thomas. $15.95 Wednesday - Fasoulia (Green string beans and Lamb) 1 review. Chicken Kabob (Bone-In) — 7.99 Succulent chunks of marinated chicken. Combination Kabob — 14.99. Authentic Turksih Cuisine. 2 shish kafta, 1 shish kabob, 1 chicken tawook, 2 falafel, 2 fried kibbeh, 4 grape leaves, meat and chicken shawarma, small hummus, soup or salad and choice of rice or fries. Hummus. Reshmi Kabob — 8.99 Two ground chicken skewers seasoned with our own blend of spices. 4 reviews. True to its roots, Neapolitan Espresso is sure to delight the senses whether it is prepared at home with a stove-top "Caffettiera Napoletana" or expertly crafted at your neighborhood espresso bar, Fire roasted eggplant pureed with a roasted sesame seed sauce (tahini), Strips of meat sautéed with onions and shawerma seasoning served tahini sauce and jasmine rice, topped with toasted almonds and yogurt, Beef, lamb, and, chicken shawerma served with hummus, baba ghannoouj, salad, and falafel samplers, with a side of rice, Served with a side of seasoned Toasted almond and yogurt topped jasmine Rice, Chicken Breast Chunks marinated overnight in our special in-house herbs and spices and charbroiled to perfection, Tender and moist marinated chunks of all natural Sirloin Beef, Tender chunks of lamb charbroiled on a skewer, 9oz of charbroiled house ground minced lamb & beef patties mixed in flavorful herbs and seasonings, A mix of all of our kabobs, hummus, Baba Ghannouj and falafels, served with a side of rice (feeds 2), Plate of hummus with four Falafel patties topped off with extra virgin olive oil, House made Baba Ghannouj, Hummus, and Dolmas drizzled in extra virgin olive oil with a side of four falafels, Poached green lentils and rice with a sautéed red onion, Poached fava beans, minced garlic and fresh tomatoes simmered in healthy extra virgin olive oil, Chopped veggies and toasted pita bread topped with a light olive oil-lemon dressing, Fleshly boiled and diced beets tossed with a lemon and extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette, Chopped veggies topped with a light lemon olive oil dressing, Bulgur, finely chopped parsley, mint, tomato, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and various seasonings, Crispy cucumbers, red onions, fresh chopped tomatoes, and romaine lettuce, tossed with a light lemon-olive oil dressing, Chopped cucumbers mixed with a homeade creamy yogurt and garlic sauce, Chopped veggies topped with feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil, Crispy Cucumbers, fresh chopped tomatoes, and organic baby spinach, tossed with feta and topped with extra virgin olive oil, Hand rubbed with our secret spices and marinated...Absolutely delectable. Kabob House Special $29.99. 7 reviews. Zaki Kabob House; Menu Menu for Zaki Kabob House Lunch Menu Served 12pm-3pm Daily Rotisserie Lunch Specials Served with your choice of chopped salad or seasoned jasmine rice 1/4 Chicken. Please check with the restaurant directly. $11.50 All white meat 1/2 chicken. Seekh Kabob — 8.99 Two ground beef skewers seasoned with own blend of spices. Read more, Nora L. The best Mediterranean food you will ever order!!!! We are open for dine in. View the online menu of Kabob House Mediterranean Grill and other restaurants in Bloomingdale, New Jersey. Fish Kabob — 9.99 Served with a side seasoned Toasted almond, and yogurt topped jasmine rice (featured in the SF Chronicle), Fried Garbanzo bean patty wrap, topped with chopped salad, fried eggplant, and drizzled with tahini sauce, Chicken sautéed with our shawerma seasoning and onions, wrapped up with a chopped veggie salad, Strips of all natural top sirloin beef sautéed with our shawerma seasoning and onions, wrapped up with a chopped veggie salad, Strips of lamb sautéed with onions and our shawerma seasoning and, topped with tahini, wrapped up with a chopped veggie salad, A Famous Egyptian Dish, popular since the time of the Pharaohs Molokhia (corchorus olitorius) is a dark green vegetable of the spinach family that is stewed with tender chunks of lamb, sautéed garlic, and lemon juice, served with seasoned jasmine rice, This dish is similar to the Italian Bolognese dish, but is served with rice rather than pasta Lamb and green string beans stewed with sautéed garlic and a tasty tomato sauce, served with seasoned toasted almond topped jasmine rice, Literal Meaning: Upside Down Rice Casserole A Jordanian-Palestinian Dish Sautéed potatoes, eggplant cauliflower, and deliciously seasoned rice cooked with chicken and then flipped upside down served with yogurt and salad, Seasoned jasmine rice on top of warm layers of flat bread served with a delicious yogurt sauce stewed with tender and juicy chunks of lamb, Sautéed eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, pulled chicken and a dash of mild seasonings all baked to perfection, served with toasted almond topped jasmine rice, Layers of thin filo dough with a sweet walnut mix in between drenched in a sweet syrup, A traditional pastry of the Levant region (Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon) made with warm layers of vermicelli and stuffed with a delectable sweet cheese filling, Melt in your mouth flaky sesame seed cake, imported from Lebanon, A very refreshing drink consisting of a whole lemon blended with sugar and mint leaves.

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