The smaller sensor with a longer lens position tends to magnify the vibrations even worse. If the reciprocal of the equivalent focal length were the ‘right’ value to use, cameras like the Lumix or Nikon V series would become virtually unusable at their longer focal lengths. The reciprocal of focal length of a lens in metre is called its power. A cropped sensor camera with that same 50mm lens would dictate a faster shutter speed be employed since the crop factor has changed the effective focal length of our lens to 80mm. Today’s vibration reduction (optical stabilization) lenses and camera bodies will help control camera shakiness, so it is a good idea to use those lenses or cameras when possible. The Reciprocal Rule is useful because it takes into consideration the progressively decreasing angle of view produced as focal length increases. Using Nikon's File Naming and File Number Sequence in a Clever Way was the previous entry in this blog. p = \(\frac {1}{f}\)(m) Question 14. Therefore, mounting a lens of a focal length based on the 35mm full-frame film standard to a cropped sensor camera, the field of view becomes inherently more narrow (cropped) due to the smaller sensor size. his brand new video eCourse on Adobe Lightroom Classic! At this point, I’m going to tell you how you can calculate a value for the focal length of a lens, based on the physical characteristics of the lens, before I even tell you what focal length means. In other words, if your lens’s zoom postion is at 60mm, instead of using 1/60s, it may be better to use a minimum of 1/80s, or 1/100s (1.5x would be 1/90s, which is not available). is a full-time photomaker, author and adventurer. Albeit there are exceptions, today almost all consumer photography lenses center around the standard 135 film format, commonly known as 35mm. Although it attempts to help us prevent unwanted camera shake by providing a quick and easy baseline shutter speed based on our lens, it should not be considered a true “rule.”. For example, Canon’s cropped sensor (APS-C) has a crop factor of 1.6x because a full-frame Canon sensor is approximately 1.6x larger than that of its cropped-sensor counterpart. Technology is improving our ability to shoot handheld shots at slower shutter speeds; however, it is still best to use a tripod for maximum quality at slow shutter speeds. is the next entry in this blog. In order to reduce the appearance of inherent camera shake when hand-holding your camera, just don’t allow your shutter speed to dip below the reciprocal of your focal length. A concave lens and a convex lens of same focal length is kept in contact. This results in a reciprocal of 1/80th of a second minimum shutter speed. (Don’t worry, though, we’ll get to the definition soon.) If a convex lens, having focal length f, is cut along the principal axis, both the resulting pieces will have the same focal length f. Water droplets can be considered as convex lenses and the lens maker formula is applicable. Banish all thoughts of grade school math and algebra class from your mind when you read the word “reciprocal.” True, the Reciprocal Rule hints at mathematics but the technique itself is incredibly simple. This article is a very short excerpt from a book I am writing called, Reciprocal of Focal Length Shutter Speed Rule, Using Nikon's File Naming and File Number Sequence in a Clever Way, Nikon D600 – The Enthusiastic Enthusiast’s Camera, Nikon Announces the Nikon D800 and D800E, 36 MP Full-Frame (FX) Monster DSLRs, Beyond Point-and-Shoot - Learning to Use a Digital SLR or Interchangeable-Lens Camera, Nikon Releases the New SB-910 Speedlight Flash Unit. Feel free to adjust the shutter speed of the Reciprocal Rule and see if you can manage even longer shutters due to the stabilization. So, my 50mm lens is considered a true 50mm lens when mounted to my full-frame sensor 5D MKIII.

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