Though these certifications help you become competitive as an employee, they are not necessary for entry level jobs; in fact, you cannot even get them until you have some experience under your belt! The Pay Scale for Sales Representatives for Travel. Even if regional and international borders are lifted, the domestic business will continue to grow, and having strong domestic content will always come handy to sustain and grow. Travel agencies look for potential employees who have taken specialized travel agent courses that reflect the overall focus of the agency as well as those who are fluent in one or more foreign languages. July 20, 2020 . Communications classes and computer-training courses are also pluses for those considering a career as a travel agent. There are also more specific certifications depending on your specialty. The RuMa Hotel and Residences Kuala Lumpur, Use Your TBO Holidays Credentials To Login, Use Your Travel Boutique Online Credentials To Login, TBO Academy Users can directly login below. Potential travel agents must take a six- to eight-week travel course to become a travel agent for most companies. Views: 261. Courses in each certification area require that you have 18 months to five years of full-time industry experience, depending on the certification level; complete the corresponding course work; pass the test and commit to annual certification maintenance. Levels of certification include certified travel associate, certified travel counselor and certified travel industry executive. Those interested in a career as a travel agent also need experience working with people. Travel agencies look for candidates who are already well-traveled to provide a personalized experience for their clients. Travel Agency Requirements: Accreditation Yes, travel is very easy to book in the world of online flight and hotel search engines, but an actual travel agency must be accredited by either ARC (the Airlines Reporting Corporation) or IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network). The other important products are Travel Insurance and Land Transportation. By equipping yourself, you are ready to attract any customer to your Doorstep. UAE in general and Dubai, in particular, declared safe for travel by WTTC. Although there are travel agent requirements regarding a specific education, many agencies require their employees to have a liberal arts or business degree from a … For instance, if you work on cruises, you may want to consider an Accredited Cruise Counselor certification from the Cruise Line International Association, says Travel Leaders of Tomorrow. Resort properties and properties located in the city suburbs or outskirts will always be preferred. As predicted four months before, Domestic Business has started in many Middle Eastern Countries, and this will go on till regional & International borders are lifted. Travel agents have multiple resources to find the latest prices, packages and specials for their customers. Travel Agents’ Current Requirements and Getting Prepared. Those with experience in other service-related careers know how to work well with people and meet customers' needs. The next and immediate option should be regional products. Travel agents mostly receive certification through The Travel Institute. Certification offers recognition and credibility and lets customers know you are committed to the travel industry. Advantages & Disadvantages of a Travel Agent's Career, United States Bureau of Labor Statistics: Travel Agents. A part of any travel agent's education is on-the-job training. There is no travel agent license, but there are certifications available to demonstrate your skill and experience level.

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