Post anecdotes and share stories and helpful tips in your own, unique way. Expert Vagabond. When starting a travel blog, worrying about the perfect travel blog name should be the last thing on your mind. This blog name is so full of confidence it overflows. Mountains: bluff, cliff, elevation, butte, peak, ridge, sierra, volcano, range, pike, mount, palisade, mesa, summit, alps, Islands & Beaches: archipelago, enclave, peninsula, islet, isle, atoll, reef, cay, coast, shore, seaside, oceanfront, shoreline, sand, beachcomber, Hiking: backpacking, exploring, hitchhiking, trekking, walking, wandering, mountaineering, rock-climbing, alpinism, hit the road, footsteps, Extreme: ultimate, epic, intense, boundary, peak, pinnacle, top, legend, Road trips: avenue, expressway, highway, route, pavement, drive, direction, passage, alley, roadway, street, boulevard, lane, ride, commute, tour, outing, joyride, journey, way, path, overland, hitchhike, yonder, distance, farther, remote, away, beyond, journey’s end, stopover, outskirts, horizon, compass, boundary, circumnavigate, landscape, frugal, prudent, cheap, penny-pinching, penny-wise, scrimping, meager, canny, budget, parsimonious, meticulous, smart, crafty, sensible, finances, money, cash, funds, high-living, comfort, fancy, extravagant, lavish, pamper, posh, grand, ritzy, swanky, stately, aristocratic, solitary, unaccompanied, detached, desolate, lone, deserted, secluded, tribe, kin, dynasty, affinity, the gang, clan, adolescent, youngster, team, posse, league, club, troop, squad, herd, crew. Click on the green button that says Get Started. We are a photography, filmmaking and travel writing team willing to bring you our adventures and misadventures through visual storytelling. If you’re new to blogging, the basic plan will do just fine. Travel Blog Names List: A Selection of the Best Travel Names for Blogs. Hopefully, it will make your readers world-savvy one day, too. Make your blog a getaway to other people, too. We are Mike & Laura, full-time travelers and part-time RVers. Adventure (noun): an … Think of your blog name as a tattoo that will be difficult to replace in the future. One of the most difficult tasks when starting a travel blog is selecting a name. Save You’ll learn more about domain registration and hosting later in this post. Note: Remember to avoid any domain name that isn’t .com. You might be wondering.. “what do I do next?”. Nomadic Matt Nomad (noun): a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer Update 2020: Due to how popular this article has become, I have decided to keep this article alive and will continue to add more beautiful travel blogs as I discover it. Now that we are Mike & Laura Travel, it’s much easier to remember and spell. Next, you’ll select a plan. These travel bloggers each have names that are the foundation of their travel blog brand: Nomad (noun): a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer, Words or phrases like nomad: wanderer, gypsy, wayfarer, migrant, roamer, rambler, vagabond, trailblazer, trekker, pioneer, pathfinder, rover, tramp, drifter, beachcomber, globetrotter, voyager, jet-setter, vagrant, itinerant, journeyer, drifter, backpacker, footslogger, traveler, gallivanting, Adventure (noun): an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity, Adventure (verb): a daring or exciting activity, Words or phrases like adventure: escapade, venture, daredevil, fearless, reckless, dauntless, intrepid, daring, Words or phrases like planet: Earth, universe, global, orb, nature, environment, creation, the living world, world, scenery, flora and fauna, the cosmos, Mother Nature, Abroad (adverb): in or to a foreign country, Words or phrases like abroad: foreign, expat, overseas, everywhere, beyond the seas, far and wide, in all directions, away, elsewhere, in foreign lands, out of the country, touring, Poor (adjective): lacking sufficient money, Words or phrases like poor: bankrupt, scanty, meager, penniless, broke, moneyless, down-and-out, destitute, tight budget, strapped for cash, Thrifty (adjective): using money or other resources carefully, Words or phrases like thrifty: frugal, prudent, cheap, penny-pinching, penny-wise, scrimping, meager, canny, budget, parsimonious, meticulous, smart, crafty, sensible, Smart (adjective): having or showing a quick-witted intelligence, Words or phrases like smart: slick, keen, smooth, wise, brainy, clever, farsighted, sharp, experienced, streetwise, in the know, on the ball, sly, ingenious, sensible, resourceful, brilliant, genius, quick, wily, Travel (verb): to make a journey, typically of some length or abroad, Words or phrases associated with travel: excursion, journey, expedition, wayfaring, globe-trotting, voyaging, sightseeing, navigation, transit, move, trek, cruise, go, migrate, traverse, set out, scour, jaunt, vacation, explore, hop, adventure, visit, roam, sail, cross, exploration, quest, tour, odyssey, itinerary, trip, sojourn, pilgrimage, route, passage, go places, fly, safari, layover, gallivanting, circumnavigate, Luggage (noun): suitcases or bags that hold personal belongings, Words or phrases like luggage: suitcase, travel bag, trunk, chest, briefcase, belongings, gear, goods and chattels, baggage, possessions, Mile (noun): a unit of linear measurement equal to 5,280 feet, Words or phrases like mile: at a distance, beyond the bounds, kilometers, destination, nautical, afar, long haul, outskirts, stretch, horizon, Read next– How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger.

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