The same company might only have 5 new reviews from healthcare professionals, bringing their total to 25. It’s also important to note that Facebook made some changes to their reviews this past year. I usually asked them the basic questions like who did they work for? They’ve been on Travel Nursing Central’s list for the last 3 years straight, including Gold Tier honors this year. Established in 2002, Trustaff has thousands of jobs nationwide for all specialties, nursing and allied. Established almost 20 years ago. The benefit of making the best decision right away means less paperwork in your future – and we all know that nurses always appreciate less paperwork! By one account, they’re the second largest travel nursing company with roughly 9% market share. They added 127 new reviews. Their Average Aggregate Score is 89.91 on 281 reviews. Owned by CHG Healthcare Services—one of the nation’s largest healthcare staffing companies. We’re surprised they don’t place higher on this list. For these reasons, we started aggregating travel nursing company reviews from reputable sources in 2017. So it is important to find a company that serves the city or cities you want to travel to. They are one of only 4 companies to have an Aggregate Average Score of more than 95 out of a possible 100. She told me the housing was good, she liked her recruiter and that she would get a referral bonus. We counted 170 new reviews for Aya this year. You can see some of their nurses on MTV’s “Scrubbing In” TV show. This means that you typically need to be located in a company’s locality or search for the company name and location information in order for Google to display the reviews and offer the option to leave a review. One of the largest in the nation. A significantly large cohort of experienced travel nurses contend that small to medium sized travel nursing companies deliver the best service for the best pay. A significantly high percentage of those reviews come from travel nurses who are simply gushing about the experience they’ve had with Advantis. They all have amazing accolades and your unique circumstances will determine which companies are a good fit. If you made it through all that number crunching, then kudos to you. They had 25 new scores on Travel Nursing Central and 25 new scores on Highway Hypodermics. We found a couple of industry specific websites with fake reviews. They also offer per diem work. Please Note: This article was written in 2019. If this is the case then you can ask the company if they are willing to pay you a higher base rate for not taking their benefits. Highway Hypodermics uses a 20-point system. Given that they got their start in 2018, they didn’t have enough reviews to qualify for our list last year. The score equates to 86.9% on a 100-point scale. This means travelers also need to know which review sites they can trust. Gifted is a nurse owned and operated healthcare staffing company that was founded in 2006. Therefore, these services are highly relevant. They added 48 new reviews on Travel Nursing Central with an average score of 96.2 out of a possible 100. USSI made our 2017 list of best travel nursing companies at number 8. They’ve also been the number 2 ranked company on our list for the last 2 years! They also staff government agencies such as the VA, Department of Defense Medical treatment centers, Indian Health Services, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We say, “They burst on to the list”, because they were founded in 2018. The next day I called them up and before I knew it I was heading to Texas. The weighted average score of all reviews on Google was 4.44. Both platforms only accept reviews from healthcare professionals, so Triage significantly exceeded the minimum requirement for 15 new reviews from healthcare professionals. Offers immediate 401K contribution as well as extension bonuses. We have companies on the list that are separated by less than .09 of one point. Staffs multiple healthcare professionals. TaleMed is another highly decorated travel nursing company. In our view, the two are closely related. However, the fact remains, it’s difficult to evaluate small to mid-sized travel nursing companies because they have fewer customers and their reviews are spread out across multiple services. Next, we need to calculate the total score for each company for each platform. This is an indication that travel nurses are quite happy with the service they receive from travel nursing companies overall. The score equates to 88.8 on a 100-point scale. They were an honorable mention this year for both Highway Hypodermics and Travel Nursing Central. This year, we noticed that several companies met this minimum with reviews from internal staff only. That brings the total number of travel nursing company reviews on Google to 3,270. The score equates to 74.4 on a 100-point scale. The reviews are poorly worded and very brief. 1. If I don’t take the health insurance, do I get a healthcare stipend? Select the button below to discover why travel nurses are calling BluePipes their “secret weapon”. That said, their Average Aggregate Score is really good at 92.17. That brings the total number of travel nursing company reviews on Google to 3,270. While they staff nationwide, they have a very strong footprint in the Midwest. They’re deeply connected with New York’s healthcare providers. This year, like last year, we collected the number of reviews and average score for every travel nursing company we could find on the following websites: Next, we converted all the scores to a 100-point scale. Of course, we have a travel nursing job board and tons of other features to help make your travel nursing job search quick and simple. The problem here is that it takes a lot of customers for any service, including travel nursing companies, to get a significant number of reviews.

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