Aureum Oregano: Has yellow leaves that act as a groundcover and can even be cooked with. The only way to ensure you get the true Greek oregano variety is to grow it from a cutting taken from a mature Greek oregano plant. You can even help eliminate toxins from your food if you add a little oregano in while you’re cooking. You could also grow the plant in a container outside and then move it inside for the winter when the temperature drops. This plant is most commonly grown for its visual appeal rather than its culinary uses, as its flavor tends to be much milder than the more popular types of cooking oregano. They provide loads of health benefits and is used every day in households worldwide. It is edible and can be used in a wide variety of dishes. These growing conditions will ensure your oregano plant thrives, and you are rewarded with the best flavor. There are many health benefits to adding oregano into your everyday diet and I highly recommend you consider adding it into your daily routine and possibly even your herb garden. The antioxidants in oregano help reduce inflammation in the body. It is also known to be effective at killing 23 types of bacteria. It is able to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterols (bad cholesterol) and increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterols (good cholesterol). Oregano + Chicken: Roasted, baked, poached or grilled — any way you want to cook your chicken, oregano can make it … GREEK OREGANO (Origanum heracleoticum ) is as essential to pizza as Mexican oregano is to chili powder. This plant can be grown indoors, and used for adding spice to Mediterranean dishes and can also be used to flavor pizzas. This plant has received the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society for its outstanding qualities. Rich and Decadent Millionaire Bars Dessert Recipe, I Threw Tofu on a Waffle Iron and it Was Revolutionary, The Turkey Tail (The Medicinal Mushroom of Immunity), 7 Different Types of Stuffing for Your Thanksgiving Table, Haus M, Crailsheim by schleicher.ragaller – freie architekten bda, Tom Clancy’s Penthouse in Baltimore, MD (Going to Auction). This tender perennial produces soft, hairy erect stems that are densely packed with oval leaves in a gray-green color. The foliage is also intensely aromatic, which makes it a nice plant to have growing alongside pathways or in containers around a seating area where the fragrance can be enjoyed. Cultivars and Varieties: Origanum syriacum ‘Cleopatra’. Cultivars and Varieties: Kent Beauty, Dittany of Crete, Buckland, Rosenkuppel, Kirigami. It can be harvested and used fresh at any time of year, as long as the plant is taller than six inches tall. Ornamental oregano is grown for its visual impact and its alluring fragrance, but despite the aromatic leaves, it is not suitable for use in cooking. 7 Popular Types of Oregano That You Can Grow, Autumn Blaze Maple Tree - Growing & Care Guide, Clementine Tree Care and Propagation Tips, Creeping Thyme - Growing, Care Tips, and Photos, 6 Types of Mints You Can Grow In The Garden, 10 Different Types of Basil - Pictures, Care & Use Tips, 11 Different Types of (Hardness & Softness) Garlic That You Can Grow, 12 Different Types of Sage Plants (Pictures & Details). It is a woody, clump-forming perennial, which has small oval leaves covering wiry stems. The most common type is Oregano vulgare, also known as Spanish thyme and wild marjoram. You can harvest Syrian oregano at any time of year to be used fresh, or you can dry the leaves and keep them for use later in the year. To get the best tasting Greek oregano, harvest it in early summer just before the plant produces flowers. This plant has small, dark green foliage, which provides a backdrop for the tiny white flowers it produces during the middle of summer. Most households keep this in their home for its ability to flavor a wide variety of dishes. The essential oil can be purchased in most health stores, online and with a little research you can even make your own oregano oil right from your own home. The plant grows to two feet tall, with a similar-sized spread, making it ideal for filling gaps between larger shrubs. It will not tolerate overwatering, and it is also intolerant of humidity. Oregano is also known for helping people with heart conditions, asthma, diabetes, and even those who suffer from the common flu. Crush dried oregano to release more flavor before adding it to the recipe. They have square stems that are adorned with highly fragranced, ovate leaves. Learn more. This variety produces subtle pink flushed flowers that peep out from amongst the dense foliage. This perennial herb is cultivated for both culinary and ornamental uses. People use … The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. It is considered to be the ‘true’ type of oregano to that all others are compared, and this is the type of oregano you are most likely to find on the spice and herb shelves in the grocery store. One of the most important tips for cooking with dried oregano is to remember that since it's more concentrated in flavor than the fresh herb, one-third to one-half as much should be used in a recipe. Many other varieties of common oregano are available. Aside from killing bacteria, oregano also has many other health benefits. Also, with all the health benefits that oregano plants have, this really is a must-have herb to have in your garden. One benefit is its ability to reduce high cholesterol. Can You Use PayPal on Amazon to Buy Stuff? Sometimes known as true oregano or Italian oregano, this is the familiar herb used on pizzas and in tomato sauces. Oregano oil widely uses for all kinds of standard recipes in the kitchen. It can be grown easily from seed and loves plenty of light and dry soil. hirtum). We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. Compactum Oregano: Has dark green leaves that are ideal for groundcovers. This type of oregano has a milder flavor for cooking, as it is a hybrid of common oregano and marjoram. Most oregano plants are very easy to grow and care for. Read on to discover the many different types of this aromatic plant. Italian Oregano is the hybrid of the sweet marjoram strand and the common Greek Oregano strand and has been known to resemble both plants with its strong flavor. Mexican Bush Oregano (also known as “Mexican Sage” or “Rosemary Mint”) thrives in very hot, dry areas (such as Texas and Arizona) and is native to Mexico. It has a slightly different flavor to common oregano varieties and instead has a flavor similar to mint with a subtle spicy kick. April 12, 2013 Skip gallery slides. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. It produces gray-green ovate leaves that cover the densely stemmed plant. MEXICAN OREGANO has a more earthy flavor with less hint of mint in the aroma. In many instances, rainwater alone will be enough to keep the oregano growing well. Greek oregano has a strong flavor and is widely used in Italian, Spanish, and Greek cuisine. Greek oregano is one of the most common types of oregano used to flavor many Mediterranean dishes. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. The flowers of this strand can be lavender, white or pink. This plant thrives in a warm climate and makes a very beautiful addition to any garden. 7 Popular Types of Oregano That You Can Grow 1. This is a variety of common oregano that is also sometimes known as European Oregano or Turkish Oregano. The plant’s foliage gives off a delightfully sweet fragrance and is best planted in areas close to where people spend time in the garden so that its aroma can be fully enjoyed. Is mostly found mixed in with a Middle Eastern spice known as “Za’atar”. This plant grows well in hot climates amongst dry soil.

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