I'd like to think that it plays in a defensive and reactionary way; protect my board state with … x Close Notification This deck is showing specific versions of cards specified by the creator and may not be showing the cheapest versions of cards. For more inspirations, check out our Historic Brawl deck page. 92.81 tix 9 Mythic, 24 Rare, 12 Uncommon, 6 Common. Updated Jul 06, 2020 by Harizin using our MTG Deck Builder. Updated November 4, 2020. Browse > Vadrok Brawl Vadrok Brawl by MegaDosX Report Deck Name $ 126.04. With the new mutate ability, I … Kenrith Brawl. To show the cheapest prices, click here . Format: Brawl User Submitted Deck Deck Date: Oct 3, 2020 Visual View Stream Popout Edit Edit Copy Build a deck around a specific legendary creature or planeswalker from the Standard card pool, and battle against friends in one-on-one games. Browse > Brawl / Vadrok, Apex of Thunder / Vadrok brawl Updated Sep 29, 2020 by Mmyoo using our MTG Deck Builder. Format: Historic Brawl; Archetype: Type: Event: Record: Decklist Unable to access deck list Description. Browse > Brawl / Vadrok, Apex of Thunder / Vadrok, Apex of Thunder This deck is not legal due to the following reasons: Deck contains banned cards: ["Teferi, Time Raveler", "Winota, Joiner of Forces"]. Brawl Decks Welcome to our MTG Brawl decks section! Out of all the "Apex" creatures, Vadrok by far looked the coolest to me. Choose your champion – Brawl is a little like Standard, a little like Commander, and a uniquely exciting deck-brewing challenge.

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