Much of this appearance seems to be the result of the thinner lines of black on the folded wing feathers, similar to the differences in the tail feathers. Western meadowlarks also have paler tails with thinner barring, whereas eastern meadowlarks have dark centers to their tails and show thicker barring on their tail feathers. Remarkably similar to the Eastern Meadowlark in colors and pattern, this bird is recognized by its very different song and callnotes. [Updated by COSEWIC - May. Distribution and Population. The two species of meadowlarks evidently can easily recognize their own kind the same way; even where their ranges overlap in the Midwest and Southwest, they almost never interbreed. University Museum of Vertebrates Ornithology Collection. Collections at the Cornell Visual differences are more subtle, but they do exist. to distinguish the meadowlarks in New York state. variation exists, but that the centers are much lighter than in The other end of the birds is also diagnostic, namely the tail There is, however, variation in the expression of this document.write("&hours="+(new Date()).getHours()); document.write("&minutes="+(new Date()).getMinutes()); The very similar Western Meadowlark can be found on the Texas coast as a wintering migrant. Eastern meadowlark In Mexico: Conservation status. University Museum of Vertebrates. document.write(""); All pictures below were taken by Kevin J. McGowan of specimens The different subspecies of the two species can confuse The following pictures give a hint of the variability. The Western Meadowlark’s song is a more complex jumble of flute-like notes. TX in 1933 (CU17391). On 9 April, the presumed male Western Meadowlark was seen in close proximity with an Eastern Meadowlark. These five are Western Meadowlarks. behind the base of the lower mandible is white. this appearance seems to be the result of the thinner lines of Most meadowlark habitat falls under private ownership. The central tail feathers are barred brown without any dark brown along the shaft, which is consistent with Western Meadowlark (or Lilian's Eastern). Note that a good deal of the face in the Western. Western Meadowlarks tend to be paler than Easterns. The Eastern Meadowlark closely resembles the Western Meadowlark – a species found in similar habitat but nesting primarily in western North America. Just for fun, and speaking of variation, here is a photo of a Their songs sound totally different to each other, like a foreign language, so singing doesn’t always do the job of communicating territorial boundaries. The Eastern Meadowlark song is a clear whistle of see-you, sEEee-yerrrrr, with variations. is the yellow malar region of a Western Meadowlark, as opposed to These three are Eastern Meadowlarks. The same area on this bird is yellow. magna, and Western Meadowlark, S. neglecta. These are It occurs from eastern North America to South America, where it is also most widespread in the east. character. Eastern Meadowlark at the Moorman Swine Research Unit (4/13/06) For discussion of these birds, click here: EAME vs WEME Discussion Note the malar coloration matches the description given in the email for Eastern Meadowlark. somewhat troubled Eastern Meadowlark collected in Brewster Co., From what I can tell from specimens, juvenile Western Meadowlark should have a paler and more diffuse post-ocular stripe. These are page. Note how the area 2011] Top. Easterns. Differences between Eastern Meadowlark, Sturnella document.write(""); Cornell portions of the tail feathers are and how thick the bars are. Meadowlark page. tail feathers from Western Meadowlarks. Sixteen subspecies of the Eastern Meadowlark are recognized, but only one occurs in Canada (Sturnella magna magna). are vocal. It feeds mostly on bugs, but will also feed on seeds and berries. The dark post-ocular stripe is dark and equal in darkness to the lateral crown stripe. One mark Western. Western meadowlarks have a yellow malar region, while eastern meadowlarks have buff or whitish malar stripes. The songs are quite different, as are the call notes. Note how dark the center

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