Unlike other degrees that prepare you to enter one specific occupation, a degree in business administration can offer broad foundational skills, such as communications and decision-making, that are valuable in a variety of careers. Business degrees are quite versatile when it comes to career options. 1. International Management Analyst . What do business studies graduates do? It's a very flexible degree that appeals to many companies, and can benefit you in a variety of career paths, but keep in mind that job experience will still play a very important factor in your success. Degrees in general business management or general business administration are less valuable because that degree path doesn't adequately prepare recent grads for any of the better paying jobs in business. Marketing associate professional is the top job title of business management graduates, with just under 800 graduates employed in this role six months after graduation. A business degree can lead to a job in nearly every industry, experts say. Current: General Business 7 In-Demand Jobs You Can Get with a Business Degree . The degree will definitely help propel your career in the right direction, and certainly looks impressive on your résumé, but it ultimately comes down to what you want to do with your life. When earning a general business degree, students are required to take classes in a broad range of subjects such as accounting, sales, management, finance, marketing and business law. Advertising Executive: You do not have to specialize in marketing or advertising to handle the accounts of clients who need promotional work; professionals with business degrees are often hired for this purpose and they can also oversee internal marketing efforts. Business majors who want to have a variety of career opportunities available to them upon graduation almost can't go wrong with a specialization in general management.As stated earlier - nearly every business needs management personnel. For forward-thinking business degree-seekers out there, here are 10 growing careers and degree programs that can help you prepare for them. Nine of the top ten jobs held by business management graduates working in the UK are related to business, sales and HR. A general degree in management may also be attractive to business majors who are unsure of what specialization they wish to pursue. You aren’t the first—and certainly won’t be the last—person to consider earning a business degree. Careers in the business field are growing, too. The better paying jobs in business require specialized knowledge and job skills. It’s easy to see the appeal. It can boost your career performance in many other ways: 10 In-Demand Careers That Require a Specialized Business Degree. However, that’s not the only reason to earn a business degree. By Kirsten Slyter on 05/13/2019 . You can practically look in any direction and see a product or service sold by a business. By Ilana Kowarski , Reporter Dec. 23, 2019 * Is Business Administration Worth It? What Can You Do With a Business Degree?

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