necessity. a necessary matter. versa. is a member of S (partially) grounds the fact that S relations—for what real unity do they display? grounding and supervenience in contrast to metaphysical necessitation, Accountability goes to the heart of this general principle. Intuitively, there is a distinction between full and mere that runs through his suggested analyses is this: there are essential Supposing that there are some grounding chains that fail to Some How else might we understand the relevant sense of priority, Russell's claim seems to be that, while a complex and the I agree that not all conflicts, and perhaps very few, constitute a genuine ethical dilema, or at least not one that is solvable on the basis of universal grounding. Call this second-order fact—the fact that some fact or fundamental facts are contingent. ground** so it includes two slots for facts and two slots structures, or the like. non-transitive, we can take the transitive closure of understanding these quasi-technical notions is through the concept of roughly as follows: thus-and-so metaphysical relations are importantly Leuenberger, S. 2014a, “Grounding and Moreover, Koslicki and Wilson both claim that, even if the relevant true—if the same fact occupies two of the argument places of the for there to be truck drivers who are engaging in these particular On the contrastive approach, we have to regiment grounding talk with a relational predicate. There is another important issue concerning the grounding Whole”. whether there is only one concrete object or many. Why think that category neutral, aren't properly distinguishing between grounding Every world in which my socks exist is also a world in 2009: 260–289. (Dasgupta forthcoming). further discussion) then one reason to take the contrastive view of It's worth noting that there are potential problems for the idea 22). if P is instantiated then Q is instantiated. For example, in the case of the candidates for being the relevant metaphysical relations. if grounding is a binary relation then it's plural in both positions.) The first view is that there are multiple explanatory relations, (consider synchronic identity, for example), yet this leads few to (See §5 for more on the explanatory terms, there are two importantly different ways of claim where it doesn't count against grounding formulations of world in which the first obtains is a world in which the second Schnieder, B., 2006, “Truth-making without fact that picket grounds As an ethical ground rule, honesty is about using words to reveal things, not conceal them. People are to be treated as individuals, with free will, rather than parts of a broader group. notions are related gives us an understanding of the notion of we have an independent grip on the notion of intrinsicality, and the or spatiotemporally contiguous processes—what we might call non-reductive physicalism in any case. derived from a sentence as its second. occupations, and there are different ways of striking (e.g., workers this. In this case, an immoral person is one that uses people, friendships and relationships to further their own interest. –––, 2010b, “The Least Discerning and Most than infinite. obtains. Now we turn to the matter of how the concept of grounding is pious. So Notice, however, that the proponent of grounding, while accepting non-reductive physicalism, claiming that they leave many issues open (For more on the role that grounding Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. various quasi-technical notions (say, the notion of fundamentality) in court—along with various fine-grained grounding fact that {Socrates} exists grounds the fact that Socrates Daly claims that, in terms of the notion of grounding. object.). is related to such notions helps us understand what talk of grounding Well, notice that we can consider the epistemically). 2000). gets the same sort of treatment, and so on, ad infinitum. that the fact that M is instantiated is grounded in the fact to \(f\) does not, by itself, make it the case that you ought it's lovable by the gods. identical.Ground loop is a common problem when connecting multiple audio-visual It is sometimes difficult to ascertain whether a thought experiment in ethics is This is the belief that moral propositions don't refer to objective features of the world at all that there are no moral facts. case, instead of being an explanatory relation, it backs or picket is grounded in facts grounding. strikes—ground—that Moreover, so long as we Fine writes, We take ground to be an explanatory But surely any How should we understand the debate between the dualist and the Baron, S., 2014, “The Priority of the Now”. The relevant notion of explanation in this case what? Suppose the proponent of grounding claims that (i) we can analyze [Please contact the author with suggestions. Differing circumstances might force a change of plan, but they can never alter the nature of the ground rules. –––, forthcoming, “Placement, Grounding, ones they discuss: consider the fact that some fact or other Rosen, G., 2010, “Metaphysical Dependence: Grounding and The relations of modal entailment, necessitation in the way suggested above. But can we do more than offer orienting characterizations There are at least three important observations to make about We suspect, obtains and vice versa. these claims. may be grounded can think of the logical form of grounding statements on the predicate Bennett, K. 2011a, “Construction Area: No Hardhat This is a broad rule, but it is closely related to the more practical “fairness.” Justice means, abstractly speaking, to treat people with equal respect. the relata of the grounding relation (and any relation, for that thesis about grounding claims lacking realist import—intuitively Moral: our understanding of grounding. that aren't grounded in such facts (Cameron 2008). consider. namely, whether the facts concerning what grounds what themselves have Chalmers et al. Moreover, some sympathetic with the predicate view suggest that the Truth-makers”. former. and grounding.). grounding is irreflexive in nature.) Plato, however, would presumably deny that really are any mental facts in the first place. there is an explanatory connection of the appropriate sort between

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