I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen. Protect against the financial burdens of critical illness. This enables you more room to go after those bigger risk-reward investment options that can pay off big time in the long run. * Buy Let’s talk about your savings because you want to make sure your money continues to grow in spite of inflation. Here is a full guideline on the steps to evaluate and select stocks for your investment portfolio. In result, the dividend yield of the company is 10% for that year and you would have earned 10% in the forms of dividend for this particular investment. Here Are 7 Reasons Why The CIMB Platinum BusinessCard Should Be Your Company’s Go-To Credit Card, 6 Reasons Why The Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Is A Must For Every Millennial, American Express Cards Are Rare In Malaysia – Here Are Ways You Can Use It, Bank Negara Malaysia Reassures Borrowers Repayment Assistance To Continue Until Next Year, Bank Negara Malaysia Receives 500,000 Applications For Repayment Assistance Amid Moratorium Conclusion. Basically, these investment products are listed on Bursa Malaysia and they are a perfect fit for beginner or investors who want to have peace of mind. We strive to assist you for all your inquries with high touch customer service. Check out these insights shared by Dividend Magic on investing for dividends in Malaysia! Though you don’t need to be a millionaire to make money through smart investments. Secure your company's most important asset through our market-leading solutions. There are no shortcuts to growing your wealth other than these financial steps: This diversification model is an important way to secure your wealth with balanced risk management. If you’re new to investing, I think it’s important to start with something safer like investing in an index ETF while you are still learning how to analyse and invest … Privacy Statement. Foreign investors are cashing in on an emerging market with a booming currency, as told by market experts on CNBC earlier. Regardless of your total assets and savings, they only count if you have zero debt. AIA accepts no responsibility for loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles. A short-pay savings plan that offers guaranteed cash payments and potential investment gains. But 1st, please start by investing in yourself first. Other than the investments above, you can consider listed companies that offer dividends for fixed income. Here is everything you need to know about life and medical insurance: Once you have covered the steps above, here comes the most interesting part to build your wealth with your RM10,000 (or what is left of it). Have adequate savings (flexible cash flow); REIT is a fund or a trust that owns and manages income-producing commercial real estate (shopping complexes, hospitals, plantations, industrial properties, hotels and office blocks). Personally, I use Funding Societies (note: referral link. The same is true for your RM 10,000. We were as curious and decided to ask some of the top financial bloggers in Singapore for their advice on what they would do with this first $10k investments. The term for fixed deposits starts from one month to twenty-four months with a minimum amount of RM1,000. With a monthly payment of RM250, you have comprehensive insurance including medical coverage of RM100,000 a year and coverage of RM100,000 in the event of death or total permanent disability. These ETFs consists of baskets of stocks, bonds or commodities based on an index which instantly offers broad diversification and averts the risk involved in owning stock of a single company. Find out more. Is There Disability Insurance in Malaysia? For those who are uncertain or not confident about Malaysia’s economic outlook, read this encouraging analysis: Foreign investors are cashing in on an emerging market with a booming currency, as told by market experts on CNBC earlier. To recap, we have over 500 listed stocks on Bursa Malaysia across different industries. Malaysians often use the term ‘first bucket of gold’ when saving money, which means your first RM100,000 or even more. Although, as with anything wealth-related, markets and investments can fluctuate up, and down. Privacy Statement. A lack of diversity in your investments is similar to gambling. Short videos on the latest Health & Finance topics. 7. Bhd. that likes to read finance news, you’ll often see the words … © 2020 CompareHero.my (Compargo Malaysia Sdn Bhd, 201301020939). That said, fixed deposits still operate below inflation, so if you want to grow your wealth considerably, it may not be the best option. This represents a good opportunity for all of us to start scouting the right investments and invest to reap its benefits a few years down the road. This website uses cookies for the purpose of enhancing your user experience. Retrenchment, disability, health issues, critical illness, and accidents can cripple your finances if you do not insure yourself properly. Where To Invest $10,000? There is so many many many things to invest in Malaysia. In this article, we’re going to look at the best ways to invest 10k in Australia. Political Stability. Do not invest all of your money in just one investment. Join a Crowdfunded Lending Click What Is The Difference Between Life Insurance and Medical Insurance? here to view AIA Investment Linked Funds Performance Report 2019. With a fixed deposit account, you are not allowed to withdraw money until the term of the deposit is over. You never know what will happen next in life. The sales charge is paid upfront and it is the commission for distributing the product. Real Estate Investment Trust  (REITs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Exchange Traded Bonds and Sukuk (ETBS). If you are able to fully utilise your RM10,000 without having to worry about clearing debts and sustaining your daily finances, you can start with allocating 20% to 30% of your savings on low-risk investments such as Real Estate Investment Trust  (REITs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Exchange Traded Bonds and Sukuk (ETBS). Learn how to perform self serve transaction online at My AIA Portal. If you’re the geeky type (like me!) With inflation, it is harder for us to save money today but it is possible. 199601016211 (388561-T). With the A-InvestLink Investment Plan you are also able to enjoy greater freedom in your investments. Copyright © 2020 AIA Group Limited and its subsidiaries.

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