The store was clean, and the shelves were straightened (to me, a good sign). Employees keep on pushing large pallets with toilet paper into the store from the storage. Some stores may have limited hours to accommodate restocking and cleaning. Stern, a Hamburg-based weekly news magazine, decided to take a look at this past April’s Aldi ad for German Week to see what the big deal was and came to an interesting realization. German Week is not so much “German” but instead “European”. Aside from the German basics known all around the world, some items were found to be obviously NOT German. The cheese is almost sold out. Aldi German Week Starts September 16th, 2020 What is like to shop Aldi in America? Deutsche Küche Egg Spaetzle 5.3-5.5 oz package – $1.59. If October was spooky, November is about to be as cozy as humanly possible…and Aldi is totally here for it. Wernesgruner Mini Keg , $16.99 for 169 ounces. The panic purchases over here have increased again since the first Coronavirus case in the German capital was identified. Mmm! There is hardly any bread on Monday afternoon. You can also find your local store and sign up to our newsletter. Let’s dive right in to to all that is German and delicious… 10. (I saved the best for last!!) It’s not every day that you can get six portions of ready-to-bake pork schnitzel in the freezer aisle! Welcome to the Aldi website where you can find information about our fantastic weekly Specialbuys and groceries that are in store everyday. German goodies are coming again to ALDI next week and I’ve rounded up some of my faves that are featured in the ad. Find this offering starting September 16. Credit: Courtesy of Aldi. Click the pics for more in-depth info on each of these. We sense a German theme going on at Aldi this month. No flashy signs, the shelves are stacked with boxes, there are very few employees. Down the street, at Aldi, things are worse. Here are 15 … 8. From cappuccino cupcakes to cinnamon spice tea to coffee stout, the grocery store is brimming with snacks and treats for this food-centric month. Find everything from Easter PEZ ($1.49) to Specially Selected chocolate truffle eggs ($3.29) to Lunch Buddies spring fruit flavored snacks ($3.99), and more. Oktoberfest is officially canceled this year, but Aldi has everything you need to celebrate the holiday at home. Much like Aldi Germany, Aldi in America is fairly plain as supermarkets go. If you are home with the kids for the next couple of weeks or more, you can sweeten your social distancing a bit with some of the Easter candy on sale this week at ALDI. ALDI stores across the country will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. da... ily starting today.

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