Is this egg whites only? The layers will be slightly thinner though, so be sure to reduce the baking time. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes will be trying many more. You can give it a try but I worry that with the Nutella and melted chocolate the buttercream will be a bit too soft. You don’t have to freeze or even chill anything if just overnight. It’s not critical. No problem at all! Hi Christine! Everything is double, triple, quadruple wrapped in the freezer. Prepare a stand mixer with a whisk attachment and whip butter until creamy (2 mins). Anyway, if you could offer any help it would be really appreciated. The frosting was delicious, but a little sweet. You can keep the recipe the same it’s just the cake will not be as tall. You are too sweet, thank you!! Melt 2¼ cups of chocolate in the microwave, on low heat, in short intervals, stirring between each time. Pipe into discs using the 5" circles as a guide. I made this for my birthday this past week!! Dab a bit of meringue under the corners of the parchment to secure it. I would bring it to room temperature before serving though. I haven’t tried making it into a wedding cake, so can not tell you how well it will hold up. This is an absolutely stunning cake. I want to make this cake using 8inch baking rounds … what do you think I should do to increase the recipe? Do you have any idea how to veganise this? grinding up 3/4 cup of hazelnuts would yield less than 3/4 cup of flour wouldn’t it? Hi Sara! I would like to bake this cake but I am struggling with the cup to gram conversions. I would put them in the freezer (double wrapped in plastic wrap) and take them out a couple hours before assembling the cake. Hi Marie! Welcome to Let the Baking Begin! Truffle Cake – Thin chocolate sponge cake layers, soaked with Kahlua and layered with Truffle Filling. And it’s delicious. The recipe is a little wild… liquid whatsoever in the cake, once I got it mixed I had to spoon it out and pat it into the pan…Now fixing to make the frosting. Thank you!! Thank you! Had to cook the cakes for approx 10 mins longer. Just finished baking this heavenly cake and waiting for it to cool! Will that be ok? Oh also, you could always *try* to cut one of the layers in half and if it’s not going well, just abort! I was searching for inspiration for my birthday cake and came across this and cannot wait to try it!! Can I add whipped cream for butter cream..? Wishing you many more happy years! Hi Nesar! I’m so happy this cake was a hit Let me know what you decide for the wedding cake! It was incredible!! Hello! Reduce speed to low and add in powdered sugar mixture 1 cup at a time until well blended. i’m starting to make this cake and i only have a certain type of cocoa powder not the one that the recipe calls for. The butter is mentioned in the step 2 of the “Make the Frosting for the Ferrero Rocher Cake” paragraph. Hi Marina, I’m not sure exactly what happened, but usually when the cake is dry it means it was overbaked. Thanks, Natasha for the recipe! Could you please help me figure it out? I’ve never made meringue before so I’m hoping it turns out! It turned out awesome! Do you have any idea why this might of been? Do you think it would be possible to incorporate some feuilletine flakes into the meringue recipe? I’m getting ready to make this cake soon! Ekaterina. – 6″ round baking pans – how tall are the pans you used. i tried this cake last week , and it was amazing , th le best chocolate cake i ever made. I hope you like it . I am making a birthday cake for my grandson’s 20th birthday next month and he loves Nutella but I am wondering if you can make this cake with the Swiss Meringue Buttercream if so how much of the hazelnuts or Nutella would you add and when would you add it while mixing? Do not refrigerate it as it will soften. Hi Erin! Thank you for the amazing recipe! Or are you at high altitude by chance? With both the chocolate, Nutella and hazelnuts this cake is on the rich side, although not overly sweet. Yay! The recipe sound lovely That frosting sounds amazing!! Nope, no sugar needed. Pipe or spread remaining meringue in empty spaces on the parchment. Hi Imran! Regardless though, it will still taste delicious! I am about to make this for my husbands birthday. I am hopeful that things will keep getting better! Mostly there for texture. If you don’t mind thinner layers you can bake them in three 7″ pans, but you’ll need to reduce the baking time. I have a question can I use this buttercream recipe for a fondant cake? Sprinkle with ⅓ of the crushed wafers. Hi Cece! The sponge was so dry. The layers aren’t super tall though, so I think that’s more where the cutting issue might come in. Do you think it will be okay to fluff the cake after sitting out for travel at room temp? And my family isnt a big fan of nutella and butter cream can i substitute with whipped ganache? You can use chopped up Ferrero’s between the layers instead though. First I saw this cake on Mom’sDish, but originally it was posted here. I would try mixing some of that paste with flour to see if you can loosen it up. Any less and they will be too fragile and will fall apart. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. I have a question can I use this buttercream recipe for a fondant cake? We all know how wonderful Ferrero Rocher candies are, so you don’t need me telling you that this Ferrero Rocher Cake is good! I will update you on what happens! If you don’t have hazelnut flour on hand and/or don’t want to make any, you can just substitute in additional all-purpose flour. I may cut down on the powdered sugar next time. Hi! I’m honestly not sure. The Hazelnut flour I used was a reputable brand and organic. Thanks so much. I’m making the chocolate cake again today because I love how it turns out- so moist and yummy.

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