Question (WOODWEB Member) : I'm having some intermittent tracking problems with my wide-belt sander. Craftsman Large Belt Sander with 4" wide belt capability - $40 (Wichita - Maple / Ridge Rd. wide belt sander is a key part of the manufacturing process and workflow. That’s because the winter has low humidity, which is an environment more conducive to static electricity. The following areas provide a starting point for determining the cause of the breakage. when I feed narrow pieces of stock through the sander the pieces in the center of the belt are not getting enough friction from the pinch rollers to pull them past the belt without slipping. When in doubt, refer to the following to check that you are in the correct grit range for your application: What material are you sanding, and what type of belt are you using? Did you ever notice in the winter, you’re more likely to experience a static “shock”? ).$40 Cash. It has a 37 inch wide belt. 3. See below for possible problem areas. Belts should always be hung, preferably on a round rod, to maintain their shape. Safety Speed Cut 3760 WBS3760101 Sander. I've forgotten who it was told me that the tracking sensor couldn't pick that up, and to paint the inside of the belt white so the sensor could pick it up. On a rare occasion, a belt joint may be faulty in manufacturing, leading them to pop or separate under pressure. If you’re unsure about which backing is best for your applications, check with our sales or tech teams to get personalized recommendations. If dust is collecting in your machine, you may have problems with the suction/air flow from the dust extraction system. Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, You have to keep the tracking sensor clean. Instead, check these areas for problems and address them. Storing belts improperly can lead to many issues. Re: Stroke Sander: Good for finish sanding? Wide Belt Sander Owner’s Manual Model 3760 Model 4375 Safety Speed Manufacturing 13943 Lincoln Street NE Ham Lake, MN 55304 Tel: 763-755-1600 Fax: 763-755-6080 You may be trying to remove too much in one pass, which could cause the belt to become dislodged. Replacing belts often due to loading can become very costly, very quickly. 24-3/8 in. Check to ensure proper functioning of the eye. The first and the important as well as a common problem for belt sander belt sliding or skidding is the belt tracking problem. Symptoms for issues with wide belt sanders can effectively be broken down into two categories: machine/abrasive problems and workpiece visual defects. Make sure they have hung prior to inserting them into the machine and always verify the quality of the belt prior to loading. Damaged from loading/unloading machine, packing/shipping, storage. One solution to static issues is to ground the sander by literally using a metal screw and rod from the conveyor bed into concrete floor and several feet into the ground below. I'm having some intermittent tracking problems with my wide-belt sander. Our company was founded and built by an industrial wide belt sander technician that was employed by a major wide belt sander manufacturer, with the idea that top quality repair work, exceptional customer service, attention to detail and competitive pricing can all be available in one package. If the belt is not tracking properly in the machine, it can cause tears in the material. In light of this difficulty, the abrasive technicians at Fintech Industrial Abrasives have compiled a list of the most common wide belt sander issues and their respective potential fixes. Your belt may break as a result of too much loading. Check if this is the case and clean it. It has a dual acting air cylinder that moves the head back and forth. wide belt sander is a key part of the manufacturing process and workflow. Lastly, certain types of joints are reversible – i.e. If you need help with your wide belt sanding process, and you’re a Uneeda Customer, get in touch to set up an appointment with our technicians. It has a dual acting air cylinder that moves the head back and forth. The product is ideal for daily industrial use with features like a heavy-duty steel cabinet. If the reading is more than +/- .01, the sander will need grounding. tracking issues. Belt Sander Tracking Problem. (Solid Wood Machining Forum) If in doubt, consult with an expert before making changes. Belts should be hung – not stored on concrete floor, as they absorb moisture and become out of round. The laser eye might be covered in dust. The digital control pad automates table adjustments and is accurate to 0.005-inch. If dark colored belts were to blame we'd all have problems. From contributor T: It’s to the point where it will track one way, but not the other. 4. Some are deeper problems also covered in this guide, such as over loading, storage and tracking issues. For visual defects on the work piece, check Part 1 of this two part series. Pay careful attention when unpacking your belts from shipping or storage. I have a 1986 model 43" A.Costa wide belt sander. October 19, 2014 ... We use the purple 3M product and there is a new belt on the head that is having the problem. If the rollers aren’t flat (worn unevenly), they need to be removed, flattened or recoated then reinstalled. It is critical that your air flow and dust extraction system function correctly in removing debris from the machine, as stray particles on the Part 1 of Article (visible defects on work piece).

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