That is, a cow is expected to show signs of heat every 21 days. Extra precautions for heifers. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Or the bull was just checking her out. "While watching bulls, physical deformities (deviated penis, inability to extend penis, etc.) Usually a 8 to 10 inches difference in height won't make a difference to a bull, but a miniature bull that is a foot shorter might need a little help. Wright down the date and watch next time around. The average duration of pregnancy for cows is 283 days. It makes sense for a bull to mate with a cow in heat as many times as he can. This gives her a better chance of becoming pregnant, and him a better chance of fathering her offspring. Getting a cow pregnant with sperm from a bull that is from a breed considerably larger in size can result in calves that are too large to go through a cow’s pelvis. Or could be a false heat. To extract semen from a bull to use in artificial insemination, he is allowed to mount a cow in heat, and a tube placed over his penis before it enters the cow. I wouldn't worry yet, but if your assistance worked the first time I would put the cow in the pit so he can do his job. If that happens, a cesarean section must be performed on the pregnant cow. When there's a bull present, he will be hanging around and chasing after this cow that's in heat, and attempting to mount her. On the other hand, if the cow enters back into estrus 21 days after the last estrus cycle, it means the scow is not pregnant. Here’s the thing: It takes bull semen with bull sperm to get a cow pregnant. and other issues that can prevent successful intromission and ejaculation from occurring also can be identified. This comes from the bull himself. In these instances, a bull may be mounting cows in … If a cow mates with a bull and does not come into heat (or does not show the signs of heat) after another 21 days, it’s possible that the cow is pregnant. If the bull does not mount she is not in heat. Or she could be just coming in. This gives her the best chance of becoming pregnant, and him the best chance of being the father of her offspring. A cow may return to heat even if she is fertile, and the bull is fertile, too. She may have been in when you were not watching and is just going out.

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