endobj Learn english to thai words and their meaning. You can get to know me here. >> Learn the top 100 most common Chinese characters super fast. 595 << 842 14 1000 Most Common Chinese. /JavaScript >> ����V ����y��D�j���2��f���j�D�����������4���4GB���#�ç��H�y�b�S���z����C�ڳ�˜qHU�@�~�^��]=�^/"��؀f����gz��~ɶ��@)�^a-�Ð� �/eh]��%Ft��ޒ��/kC*�^9��o| ;K����f=A jW� ����TM��/aB���� �=�5aR[�HU~_)�}��|.��5U��'q��7��G�������~��x�J*/�.G�c��$�1XJ�!�/r ���L�����ɨ�Q���8��.��By�a2L�?��A�o3G�(��r|+mC���aL��ͤW��F�3~�m��hS��ۧ~:4�! R /Catalog obj [~�'�0��D��OgO8�)ݳ����8��a�nT���C�)B�طP��9��n-����w�@xd��=`�'UO�Ƞx���,B_Q��6|�Y`����č�*>*�1�}hJ�:�j���€^��aC���G?���Z��""�v�Tv���f�V�� /MediaBox 1 100 Most Common Chinese words 1000 Most Common Chinese Words HSK 1 Full Word List | Excel Sheet and PDF Download 500 Most Useful Chinese Words Learn Country Names in Chinese This entry was posted in Chinese Language Learning , Chinese Phrases , Chinese Survival Skills , Free Chinese Lessons and tagged beginner , beginner chinese , chinese vocab , chinese words , example … /Group "E���M*�"}�TMBM�E�f[V��U�*��*��9�P��U]�J� << I'm also the Resident Polyglot at Drops and the Head Coach of the Fluent in 3 Months Challenge. /Resources 0 l�2�Ȧ�-�J�j�p���J[���e\��P[ƕ��U�"a3Ԗqv �e\��P[�%m��2��f�-�=��P[��4�.U�P�����q��цqR캴a\q�a\I` jøV�o�R�f~ 18� �ع^j�S�\�n �j��ָqU�V�$�\���ZJUHo���,W^�TyJ���h Nj��E�G��iEH�@�h)g��s�o�\)U��ԝ�? >> /Filter << 0 0 © 2020 Shannon Kennedy & Eurolinguiste. 842 This is a list of the 1,000 most commonly spoken Chinese words. R obj /D First off, mastering your vocabulary is the initial step you need in order to form prope sentences in Mandarin (or Cantonese). I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Why learning 1,000 most common Chinese words is the best method We’ll skip right to the research that we’ve found on why tackling the few is your best bet. obj /CS 0 R >> Traditional Simplified Pinyin Meaning ... the masses of the people, the populace, demos, mob, multitude, plebs, commons, the common people, the people, million, public /Page Here’s the full list of the top 1000 most common Chinese words with all the info you need: Chinese, Pinyin, English and 2 example sentences for each. >> 0 /Contents 7 0 This is a list of the 1,000 most commonly spoken Thai words. My name is Shannon Kennedy and I'm the language lover, traveler, and foodie behind Eurolinguiste. endobj /Names 1 0 My name is Shannon Kennedy and I'm the language lover,…. 10 /Outlines << endobj This is great if you want to make your own flashcard deck (Anki) or just check them off through a spreadsheet. endobj R [ 0 [ 0 /Annots 4 10 Number Chinese Word in English; 1: 我 I: 2: 你 You: 3: 的 Of: 4: 是 Be: 5: 了 The: 6: 他 He: 7: 么 What: 8: /Page 3 R obj /Length endobj Learn from the Mandarin experts. Download our PDF, watch our short video, take our quiz. 18 /Pages ϣ�n�s���=^Zx�N�=�o�����^����_B�k�K�N,|A��_�s���w���V1z]W�).����6f���G�@��5{���AK��ms��d9\{�o��C{S%u;�)�b\a�0�k���q)���� ��BOf�ZRu�/�~N�Ѭy��RV�g~搆%�0��`���� jN��������Ĥ��C^���`���b;6p݋,,�F�e���C�`���a��W9�\ޗ�‡�Hڬ�TV�YÅ��PXsZҤ�M�5Z� A�n����ϰV�������9��\�/k`������d�! ] R >> /Type >> Get notified about exclusive offers every week! << 0 1 R 0 stream 1,000 Most Common Chinese Words. % ���� /Type /Parent 100+ Useful Conversational Phrases & Words in Mandarin Chinese Now that my HSK exam is past, I have really been able to focus on learning more conversational words and phrases these past few months, so I thought it would be fun to share the phrase and word sheet I use as a guide to give me an extra boost when speaking Mandarin.

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