After that we tried the Shure Beta 58 and AKG D5 and we were all pretty unimpressed after hearing the ATM710. save. Compare AKG D7 vs Shure Beta 58A | B&H Photo Press ‎ ↵ Enter ‎ for Accessibility for blind people who use screen readers Press ‎ ↵ Enter ‎ for Keyboard Navigation The Beta 58A is quieter than the SM58 due to its advanced pneumatic shock mount system. To my ears anyway. hide. Would like to try a D7 but they're twice the price as the D5. Sort by. Shure sm58 was always too muddy for me, and I never understood why is this microphone so appreciated. 3 comments. We're very happy with … Better than a 58 but still needs to be EQ'd to sound great, and still no top-end shimmer. The Beta 58A is brighter, but the treble lift makes the presence boost a bit harsh on many voices. Over the years I've used all three. From personal experience and preference I have come to the conclusion that I think the AKG D7s are better. I have Shure sm58 and Shure beta 58a. AKG D7 vs Shure Beta 58a. Summary. Which mic is the better buy? I see that many stars are usin' this microphone but mostly on very big stages which might prove that it's not because of great sound but great reliability and very trustful mechanism that works in every environment. share. Shure Beta 58A vs Shure SM58. 1. Very accurate, providing clarity without metallizing the grain. AKG D7 vs Shure Beta 58a. Later some dropped off the E945 and E935. Posted by 2 months ago. report. Grille: The Beta 58A has a hardened grille, which makes it more difficult to dent. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. In fact, we preferred the EV 767a, JZ HH1 and Sennheiser E838 to these. 100% Upvoted. To summarize, the Beta58A is no doubt an upgrade for many applications, but in … Close. I own both the AKG D7s and the Shure SM58s and have compared the two frequency charts for both Dynamic Microphones. For those who haven’t already compared the above mics, the difference may not be obvious, except they have different polar patterns (SM58 is a cardioid and Beta 58A … I sang earlier in the Shure: SM58 a (standard) and a Beta 57A which I appreciated much clarity, but the D7 is a step up. Feels very loyal, with a collection of mediums accentuated treble, which is ideal for my voice sounding a little too serious with harmonic when I'll get the fever. We've lately switched to the AKG D5 over the Beta 58 as they just seem to have a less harsh, "warmer" sound to them. Mic Comparison (Dynamic) AKG D7 vs SHURE SM58 by jweaver93.

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