Many of the Apple II games were ported to other computing platforms, and remain quite popular today with a number of emulators made for a variety of computing platforms as well as online gaming. Floppy Emu 32MB disk image (17.4MB) Updated 9-Nov-20 Website Link /File List/ Booti 32MB disk image (17.4MB) Updated 9-Nov-20 Website Link /File List/ Smartport 32MB disk image (17.4MB) Updated 9-Nov-20 Website Link /File List/ Why yet another Apple II disk image format? If you have a SuperDrive or floptical drive on your Apple II, you can read and write 1.4MB floppy disks. In most cases the disk image could be written back to a physical disk by the Applesauce software with protection in place. In order to use the .DSK or .PO file on your Apple II, you need to reconstitute the disk by using a program such as DiskMaker8 (available here ) to read the .DSK or .PO disk image file and write it back to a floppy disk. Create a floppy disk with the booti firmware disk image (or boot the disk image in some other way). Apple II ROM Images This is a collection of ROM files for various models of the Apple II, including the original Apple II, Apple II Plus, the Apple IIe, the enhanced Apple IIe, and the Apple IIc. The resulting images were illuminating and pretty, but flawed. At 2015’s KansasFest, I had the idea to convert Apple II disk images, of the kind used to run in an emulator, to actual images, of the kind you can view with your eyeballs. I was using the DSK format, which is one of several common image formats. You can use these ROM files with an Apple II emulator. Converters for text and graphics files. To copy disk images, just create images with ShrinkIt, copy them to a 1.4MB ProDOS-formatted floppy, then copy the disk images off with CiderPress. Full support for all common disk image formats and Apple II filesystems. Disk image creation and conversion utilities. It basically comes down to the simple fact that none of the currently existing formats accurately represent the way data is encoded on an Apple II floppy disk. Put your BOOTI card into one of the Apple II slots lower than your regular disk drive, so that the regular disk drive boots first. Downloads. Start your Apple II and boot the booti disk. The current stable release runs on WinXP and later: CiderPress v4.0.4 (23-Jul-2020) Disk image files are akin to backup files - that is, the entire disk is read and then saved as a single "image" file. If you have a game that is absent from this library and would like … Direct access to hard drives, removable media, and CF cards. From BASIC, do BRUN USBFLASH Or (subject to emulation hardware or software support) it can be used with copy protection left in place on Apple II emulators or solid state Apple II disk drive emulators. Some handy tools. This is probably the question many of you reading this document are asking. All data on the disk is captured and recorded.

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