This bypasses the general contractor’s opportunity to review drawings for coordination. BB&T Pavilion Railing Collapse . Several options. But, during this particular instance the submittals didn't have any stamp on 'em. Provide a guide for your shop. Under sections 3.12.6 and 3.12.7 of AIA A201, the contractor must review and approve shop drawings before sending them to the architect or engineer. Shop Drawing and Submittal stamps for use in Construction Shop Drawings and Submittals. Engineer, Architect and Contractor stamps. Yesterday the architect we are working for forwarded some submittals (mix designs and shop drawings etc) to us for review. Ships in 24 hours. … Purpose of Class *What does a detailer provide *Quality of Design Documents *Approval Process *Liability & Shop Drawings *How do I find a detailer. Detailing & Shop Drawings David Busarello, Bridgeton Drafting Company, LLC Franklinville, NJ MetalFab 2017 San Antonio. Our shop drawing stamp language is industry standard. I guess my friend and I chose a different path. They typically include fabrication and installation details, structural steel detailing, windows and door installations and other MEP components. Shop Drawing Submittal Review Stamp Engineer, Architect & General Contractor stamps The Construction Industry holds many legal opinions regarding the proper shop drawing stamp language. I know I have used something better before but I just don't have the language of what I used before. Contact. I guess he has his reasons not to become a licensed Architect. Engineers should not accept submittals directly from a subcontractor or vendor. Liability emerges from the shop drawing approval process. Thanks for the advice Richard. Almost always we have received submittals that contained contractor's stamp indicating that the information in the submittal is in general conformance with the contract documents. … Seal (synonymous with stamp) Noun: APEGBC professional’s seal; ... support of the shop drawings submitted to architects responsible for items which require the services of a professional engineer under the Architecture items included in the Schedule B letter of assurance in the City of Vancouver Building Bylaw or BC Building Code (e.g. We have several options to choose from to accommodate your preferences. Shop Drawing procedures vary, as well as the stamp language used. Pre-inked. So I am trying to create a stamp that is more "standardized" in language and I understand these are big quotation marks. Shop drawings supplement working drawings. Consider them an add-on or a detailed development of construction working drawings. However where I am currently employed, the language on the stamp does not make sense. RE: Product Submittal Approval Language fel3 (Civil/Environmental) 27 Sep 12 14:25. What can a detailer provide. Place to ask for info.

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