Concrete reinforcing is one of the many items requiring specialized shop drawings for the fabrication of the material. Do not perform work on the submittal without written approval. References to the construction documents, drawings, and specifications assist the architect and engineer in their review of the shop drawings. If the shop drawings deviate from the contract documents, you have to get the architect’s written approval for the proposed deviation. Shop drawings are produced by contractors and suppliers under their contract with the owner. The court of appeals found in favor of Ozark Mountain, citing a reasonable inference that the disputed areas were within the contract, in part, because the definition of the scope of work referenced the “details of the shop drawings.”. (312) 676-1100. Successful installations are the result of collaboration between the designer, fabricator, and contractor. [2] Third party review may be required for major building systems. This includes doing everything you can to comply with the contract and following industry practices during the submittal process, especially those concerning “reasonable timeliness.” In a recent case, the Missouri Supreme Court concluded there was sufficient evidence to show that a substantial part of the delay in a project’s completion was caused by the state’s untimely review of shop drawings. When the supplier and designer have compatible CAD software or when universal file formats such as IFC, PDF or DWG are utilized, the review can be made from a CD, email or FTP transfer. Architects are not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of details, such as dimension and quantities, installation instructions or equipment performance. The reinforcing bars are cut to length and bent to specific configurations. The general contractor argued that failing to approve or disapprove the shop drawings caused it damage because its installation reflected the work shown in the shop drawings and included work over and above what was called for by the contract. But equally important is understanding what shop drawings and submittals are not. Concrete reinforcing is custom-fabricated from 60-foot-long reinforcing bars. This can include a list of other materials, such as fasteners or adhesives, appropriate but not included for the product. Contractors who understand the role submittals play in a construction project are better equipped to prevent misunderstandings and complications that impede projects. Shop drawings on the other hand are drawings in addition to the contract drawings. Shop drawings are typically required for prefabricated components. Although their results cannot be generalized, they still provide insight towards the need to identify what needs to be modeled in a BIM for MEP coordination prior to the start of the coordination process. A dialogue should occur between the fabricator and the architect and engineer about any areas needing clarification. The shop drawing and the accompanying “cut sheet” lists the quantity, sizes, lengths, and shapes of the reinforcing bar. “ 3. The AIA general conditions are clear that the architect’s review does not constitute approval of safety precautions or construction means or methods, techniques, sequences or procedures. Act in good faith. The drawings are created by marking on the contract drawings any field built deviations from the contract documents. If the shop drawings deviate from the contract documents, you have to get the architect’s written approval for the proposed deviation. The shop drawings should include information for the architect and engineer to compare to the specifications and drawings.

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