Raspberry Pi Automated Plant Watering with Website. The circuit between the two pins is completed when the relay is activated, and the pump turns on. We hope you have a bit of fun in your garden thanks to MudPi. At the time of writing this post, the software had the following features. Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is a complete overkill for this project and something as humble as even a Raspberry Pi Zero W is more than enough to handle this. I chose my design based mostly on what I already had available in my parts bin. I made the above GPIO connections using jumper cables and added two 5v power supplies (phone chargers) – one for the Raspberry PI and one for the relay module. At this point you can also calibrate your water sensor. (Generic USB plugs set –, A container that can hold enough water. I attached the PVC pipe to the balcony using zip ties. Get a free Raspberry Pi with a 12-month subscription to the print edition of The MagPi magazine. You will need to keep web_plants.py in the same directory as water.py and auto_water.py described above. This does not harm the fan, it runs slow and is more than enough for the PI. We then used MIT's App Inventor to create a smartphone application which is compatible with the Firebase database and the Raspberry Pi. DIY Custom Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Media Server. I will walk you through the three main components of this system: the plumbing, wiring the Raspberry PI and programming it. Also connect Pin 2 to VCC, and Pin 5 to GND on the Relay board. All I needed now was to wire up the Pi with the Relay and think of how I am going to power both. Sure, you can leave a key with a helpful neighbor, but that might not be an option for everybody. Not that the device could do much if there was a power outage, but I still wanted it to have backup power at least for the Raspberry Pi. SmartPlantPi – Raspberry Pi Plant Watering and Environmental Kit This Product has been replaced with the Smart Garden System V2 SwitchDoc Labs has now released the newly designed version of SmartPlantPi, the Smart Garden System … One very common scenario was a power outage. This is the active low state of the relay. So, I was planning to use that to implement the brains of this system. This is to make identification easier during coding. Separate scripts to implement services that control pump, battery charger, and cooling fan. This article was written by Rob Zwetsloot and first appeared in The MagPi 86. It waters my garden automatically every 24 hours. You can set up the same crontab on your PI by running crontab -e on a terminal. I also decided to run it all through a Raspberry Pi to as an excuse to interact with the RPi GPIO. While the pump controller runs every 30 minutes to poll the elapsed time since the last run. See also: Smart Herb Garden project showcase. Other slots are wired the other way around – they only have power when the relay signal is 1 (high). In the past, we have tried more traditional options, with varying levels of success. You will also need to create a sub-directory called templates, and place main.html in the templates directory. To control the amount of water that flows through each drip pipe, they could be attached at different heights in the container. So I decided to build the bare minimum - get a plant, a pump, and a water sensor. If so, you're off to the races. Now run the following command command to start your web server: $> sudo python3.4 web_plants.py Now if you navigate to the ip address of your RPi, you should see a web dashboard something like this: Try clicking the buttons to make sure everything works as expected! A plastic bottle with pipes coming out of it sticks out like a sore thumb. This diagram should capture the correct GPIO so long as you are using Raspberry Pi 3. See also: Smart Herb Garden project showcase. This can be done using a tool called cronjob, which registers your website as a startup command. We have about 10 large potted plants and 5 small ones. See also: Hydroponic gardening with Raspberry Pi. I soldered some sturdier wires to this, and plugged it into a wall adapter. I wanted all of them to survive our week-long trip. With any ready-made solution, I’d first have had to spend time searching for it. Slot 1 is an Active Low slot. I live in an apartment complex and like any average apartment dweller, I and my wife have built ourselves a little balcony garden. (I used a PVC pipe because I wanted a permanent setup). So I decided to hook up a generic extension board to it. If that happens, the PI and relay would shut down and the slot 1 being an active-low slot, would automatically turn on the charger. I wired the setup in such a way that GPIO 1 on the PI controls Relay 1, which controls slot 1 on the extension board.

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