The plant is self-fertile so more than one plant is not necessary. Originally from China it is has been a popular plant in the USA and Europe since the early 1800’s. We sell Flying Dragon seedlings for 85 cents ea. Flying Dragon Trifoliate Orange is a dwarf and does not really need pruning to be kept small. Sativa and Indica enriches that shows Dragon OG Buy this Indica Rating Journal Notebook: Personal Leafly Flying Dragon cannabis Flying Dragon Feminised Cannabis Dragon Cannabis Strain Information best qualities of the way to go when strain is a well Weed Seeds from Flying … Please shoot me a message if interested! I have loved this fella since the very first time I saw it, and I am super excited to have a few packs available for sale. 1 quart runs $100.00 plus shipping and contains approx. The fruit is smallish, ranging from ping pong ball size to a bit larger. We also sell the seed by the quart. The Flying Dragon is a cultivar of Poncirus trifoliata (created by Walter Tennyson Swingle, who also created many of the cotton plants still used today) that came about around 1914. Pruning. Selling 15 fresh seeds for $7 (shipping included). You can purchase seedlings already propagated. It has an interesting crooked shape, grows only 8-15 tall and makes a great ornamental houseplant. If anyone within Oz needs some and can wait until November (when my order will be sent to me) please send me a PM - so I will remember to ask for prepaid Auspost envelopes by then). « Last Edit: October 17, 2019, 12:11:14 PM by kulasa » Flying Dragon is a small, beautiful tree with multitudes of fragrant white flowers and small sour fruit that are used to make marmalade. Poncirus Trifoliata Monstrosa Flying Dragon Citrus Seeds. That would give you about a year os so jump on your hedge. I have some Flying Dragon seeds available. Packet of 10+ freshly harvested very rarely available seeds! Hi! Propagation of Flying Dragon Trifoliate Orange can be done by seeds from the fruit and softwood cuttings. We can bareroot them and ship them via UPS. Trifoliata means three leaves, which are present in most of the Poncirus. The seeds benefit from 30 days of stratification. Plus whatever the shipping charges would come to. I've put in a request for some flying dragon seeds certified disease free from Auscitrus - current minimum order is 1kg - which is about 4000-5000 seeds!!!

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