Avocado Pesto Pasta. STEP 1 : Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package. My favorite way to serve this avocado pesto is over cooked pasta, for a sort of avocado pesto pasta. You can make the sauce while the pasta is boiling so it’s a really quick dinner. The results are truly magical! Then you take the avocado, garlic, parmesan cheese, olive oil, lemon or lime, and basil and/or cilantro and process it for just a minute until it’s all combine. You basically cook any type of pasta you want to al’dente and set it aside. Making a pasta sauce from avocados is pretty simple and works wonders, creating a creamy and smooth sauce. Done and dusted. The no-cook sauce is prepared in the blender, for a quick and easy, creamy pasta sauce full of avocado flavor. If you time this recipe right you can have delicious green pasta ready to eat in just 15 minutes! (Which is properly combined, if you follow food combining.) While the pasta is cooking on the stovetop, prepare the avocado sauce and you have a delicious and heathy meal in no time. This pasta recipe is really as simple as blending a quick sauce, cooking some pasta and mixing it all together. Place the creamy avocado sauce mixture on your pasta and combine. I think this creamy avocado pasta might be one of my favorite easy sauce recipes yet. You can serve it warm with sauteed veggies, like red onion, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes, or chilled with some crunchy raw veggies stirred in. STEP 2 : In the meantime, combine all of the ingredients for the avocado sauce in a food processor or blender and process until smooth.

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