If your banjo is still sounding sickly, take it to a real banjo doctor, preferably one that is (finger)board certified. The string action height on a banjo is measured at the twelfth fret. Learn how to properly adjust the action of your banjo via the coordinator rods. 6. These bars or rods have several functions. Most Mastertone-style banjos will do well with a 5/8 inch or 11/16” bridge. Adjusting your coordinator rods will keep the string action on your banjo at the correct height which will make playing your banjo easier. The banjo’s action is the distance between the strings and frets. I have the same problem. Action height is typically measured at the 12th fret instead of the 22nd as the Goodtime manual suggests. 7. It’s possible, however, that you have changed the neck angle and the resulting string action, and you either have strings laying on the frets or more likely, the action is way too high. I ahve a 5/8" bridge, but sanding that down wouldn't lower the action enough. Seriously, you don't want to … It's possible to adjust it on your own, but if you're not 100% sure what you're doing, bring it in!!! Action at the 12th fret is about 7.5mm. The string height measured at the 12th will be a bit less than at the 22nd fret. Now what? Try the banjo and see how it sounds. The action should be low enough to make playing easy, but not so low that the strings buzz against the frets when played. First, they hold the neck to the rim or pot. New players like low action; more experienced players like higher action. I've seen somewhere that loosening the neck from the head and fitting a shim would change the angle between the neck and head, and that this would lower the action. If your string height is around 1/8” away from the 12th fret, you are in luck! Other heights include ½”, and 3/4”. Deering's Quality Control Manager Chad Kopotic will take you through this step by step. If you have a scooped fingerboard for clawhammer playing you can use guitar action recommendations for the 12th fret (about 3/32 inches) as a starting point. Frustrating, considering its a new banjo and the neck is slightly bent. Action can be set up by adjusting the neck angle, bridge height or by adjusting the truss rod. The strings should be above the fret about 1/8 of an inch. Sounds like the action's too low or you'll need a truss rod adjustment. Remove the resonator to see which type of adjustment is on the banjo.

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