Fender has created something impressive here. Also, great for rock or blues, or really any type of music. Another thing to think about is that some of the more expensive pickups are easier to install yourself. The only thing to look out for with the Seymour Duncan pickup is that it’s exceptionally bright, and that may not be to some people’s liking. But what does this all mean? They look and sound different. Pickups have a near direct relationship to the tone that comes out of your guitar. This means that there is more area to wind additional wire to a squatter bobbin, leading to higher output. Because of their sound, they are favorite amongst blues and rock guitarists. Single coil pickups generally have a bright, crisp, lower output, wide dynamic response and versatile tone compared to humbuckers. May want to raise the pickups closer to the strings as the Alnico III magnets have less pull than Alnico V or Alnico II. It would be better to think of it this way – that different pickups will bring out different qualities in your guitar. You can even watch demos and reviews, which will give you a good idea of what any pickup sounds like. It’s the best choice for people who don’t really want to buy an entire pickup set but would benefit from a good neck pickup, to get the best fat sounds they can hope for. When you start playing, people will recognize you’ve got a Telecaster pickup and discerning ears will love you for it. The highs are smoothed out, giving it more aggressive bass. This pickup is designed for silent operation while still preserving a single coil tone, by utilizing modern technologies key like extra-long pole pieces and printed circuit boards. When placed in the neck position, the resulting sound is a bit darker. First, carefully remove the strings and pickguard (if you have one) and then unmount and disconnect your current pickups. Learn more about us and how we approach our editorial reviews. A single coil pickup isn’t just one that takes up half the space of a humbucker. The pole-pieces for the bass are further away from the bridge compared to the one for the treble strings. The Telecaster is famous for producing twang, bite and bark, making it perfect for country, and of course blues and rock. We can’t forget that Fender makes great pickups, and after all, they are responsible for inventing the Telecaster guitar. As noted earlier, you can buy one pickup or two. And, you can draw both Tele and Strat like tones out of your guitar with the Hot. And, while there is some truth to that sentiment, on the list of players who use DiMarzio, you will find players like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Paul Gilbert, Phil Collen and so on. Two obvious candidates here are the Hot for Tele , which gives you a similar sound to a vintage pickup but with boosted output, or the Hot Rails , which will provide a more humbucker-like tone with bags and bags of output – probably even more than a regular Tele bridge pickup! There are a few considerations to bear in mind as you are selecting your pickups. They’ve managed to create that brilliant vintage tone that you’re looking for with a Telecaster Pickup, but they’ve taken out the unwanted noise that you sometimes get with single-coils. Duncan paid attention to every detail in the creation of this pickup – they hand ground the magnets, hand assembled the bobbins from Forbon and dipped them in lacquer before winding. Hum is one of the greatest issues with pickups, especially amongst Telecaster product. This will come down to preference as well as perception, as how you hear a specific pickup set might be different from how I hear it. With a new set of pickups, your relationship with your guitar will go to a whole new level. Telecaster Guitar Pickups should be sought out to match the type of music you play. Telecaster pickups have made quite a reputation for themselves and their custom shop, and every musician with quite a lot of guitar-playing experience knows that a Telecaster will give a bright tone. You get a warm sound from the neck and that wonderful big sound twang from the bridge. It’s perfect for those players who go from clean to mean and everything in between. Seymore Duncan Quarter Pound Telecaster Pickup Set. We’ve tried to include in this here round-up, five different Telecaster pickups, to cover a wider variety of tastes and budgets.

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