From a business perspective, this is a great experience. 07 February, 2019 The Most Mind Blowing Landscape Pictures On LLF in 2018. This photograph by Halid Kalkan reminds us of Ansel Adams’s iconic Yosemite Valley, Winter, created in the same location during the same season 80 years earlier. The Alberta-based photographer Annie Fu captures “ice bubble season” at Abraham Lake. “Eat or be eaten. Community Member • Follow Unfollow. “Luckily, I was there that moment to get a shot I had been dreaming of for years. 50 Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Inspire You this Year 1. We feature the unique, crazy, and beautiful stories behind the photos you see on 500px. For me, it will offically become the 3rd decade that I’ve been pursuing my passion for landscape photography. But they were shocked ’cause they understood ‘fur.’ No fur, I said, I want a tree. From a personal perspective, I get to … Quick tip: Make several return trips Kilian Schönberger, a photographer based in Germany, has always loved the forest. Don’t leave anything behind, and if you see any plastics, pick them up and dispose of them. Plus, since you don’t have to rush home, you can stay out as late as you want, even after most people have left for the night. While I won’t go into great detail, this year was marked by the loss of my Mother. My foray into large format photography has went well and while I don’t produce a ton of images, I feel that its impact is helping photography overall. I get to see the progress (if any) I’ve made and any accomplishments that have came along the way. I still have a huge backlog to go through and did manage to add a few photos from some new locations this year. “I was always different: When I was six my parents asked me if I [wanted] to have a pet. Unfortunately, the perfect light goes away very quickly, so be sure to find the right angle in advance. “Our backpacks almost flew over the edge and my hands couldn’t move for several minutes, but this view was definitely worth the struggle,” the Norwegian photographer Sigrid Buene remembers of her time in Reinebringen. This light renders the beautiful landscape with low contrast and sidelight giving a nice feeling of depth. Landscape photos | 15 stunning landscape photos on 500px, Best practices: 5 editing tips for great commercial content, How to develop film at home: The essential guide, Weekly Contest: Let's Go Into The Woods + New Theme, 6 common issues to correct before submitting your photos to Licensing, A Day in The Life of Colorblind Landscape Photographer Kilian Schönberger. It’s space on Earth, isn’t it?”. Time passes quickly, and the light changes fast, especially if you’re planning to shoot during the fleeting golden hour. Photography has always been a powerful way to express that appreciation and share it with others around the globe. In January of 2019, the photographer Daniel Casson spotted these ducks enjoying a tranquil sunrise one frozen morning. With jaw-dropping vistas, stunning panoramas and nature at its most intoxicating, it’s not hard to see why these images were selected as the best landscape pictures in the world in 2019. If you’re traveling, do your research to find an eco-friendly and reputable guide. “Luckily, I was there that moment to get a shot I … These are the key specification to consider when choosing a travel tripod, along with 10 current models that check … From tutorials to collections and beyond, 500px ISO is your go-to source for everything photography. Ole Henrik Skjelstad . I shot fewer images, which made choosing my best landscape and nature photos of 2019 a little bit easier and harder at the same time. Johannes Höhn meets a bear near Kluane Lake in the Yukon. To say this year has been hard is an understatement. A forever transforming terrain. The last few months have reminded us of the importance of preserving the natural environment and its many inhabitants, and it’s also shown us that beautiful landscapes exist right in our own backyards. I can’t begin to thank everyone for the support. While much of our time this year has been spent indoors, research from the University of Cumbria reveals that nature has become more important to people during the coronavirus lockdown and, for many, protecting it has become a higher priority. “It was such a surreal experience driving through them, [as] gales of cool Atlantic wind [ferried] sand from the shoreline inland. Trey Ratcliff is one of the best landscape photographers and is known … Consider turning back. Author Matthias Jaworski. The best landscape photos should always include people to contrast the immensity of the view with a human being." Our pick: Sony a7R IV Sony's a7R IV is an excellent landscape camera based on its resolution and dynamic range - and its reliable autofocus and revamped controls make it an even more tempting option for those that spend their photographic time outdoors. Some landscapes are popular at specific times of year, but by returning during the off-season, you’ll get to see the same location under different conditions and end up with images no one else has. 13K views. Tweet. There was such a quiet stillness with the quiet freezing morning air that I can still vividly remember.”, “This place looks totally out of this world, especially when shrouded in thick fog,” the landscape photographer Martin Rak says, looking back on his time exploring the “earth pyramids” of South Tyrol. My name is Clint Losee and I want to thank you for your interest in my work. With that wonderful intro to this post, you may all think that 2019 was a downer year for me. 2019 leaves me with more people enjoying my images than ever before. “Hiking sand dunes is way, way harder than it looks. “This incredible lenticular cloud, which resembles a UFO, was captured over the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in south east Iceland,” the Reykjavik-based photographer Iurie Belegurschi remembers. “There are things you can predict or plan, and then there are things that just happen,” he says.

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