Most sE Electronics Microphones & Wireless Systems are eligible for free shipping. Each of the microphones we’ve listed below will suit a certain use, whether that’s accurately recording the microscopic details of a vintage acoustic guitar or grand piano, or embellishing the sound of a great vocal performance. The sE Electronics sE X1 line has always been about breaking barriers, and the X1 A is no different. sE Electronics soon began to develop the sE X1 microphone into a full line, with entries such as the X1 R (ribbon microphone), X1 T (tube condenser), and X1 S (vocals). If you're shopping for your first condenser mic, pick this one. If you do a quick skim through all the other sE Electronics X1 A reviews on the Internet, you’ll find unanimous praise. Whether you’re using it to track guitar, vocals, drums, or even brass instruments, you’re sure to come out satisfied with the X1 A. Microphones. When it comes to price and performance, the X1 series stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Read on to find out more in this sE Electronics X1 A review down below. Other types of mics can accomplish great things, but nothing beats an LDC for the most pristine, "larger-than-life" capture of a sound source. The X1 A is designed around a completely new capsule that comes in at 17mm, which is half the size of the original X1’s K67-style capsule. When she's not pouring over endless amounts of audio, she lends her expertise to us here at Shout4Music with her crystal clear and finely tuned microphone reviews. The sE Electronics Magneto Limited Edition condenser microphone is a desirable and obvious choice for anyone who wants a unique, high-quality microphone with an entry-level price tag. One of the fastest-growing microphone brands in the world, sE blurs the line between "affordable" and "professional". It also comes with a newly-designed swivel clip for the mic, as well as a thread adapter that will enable you to use it with your existing mic stand. However, unlike these other microphones which make use of plastic housing to cut down on price, the X1 A has an all-metal chassis with a premium finish. With an affordable price, quality build, and top-tier sound, you'd be hard-pressed to find better value with any other microphone in the same price range. It’s also got an integrated windscreen, which helps provide protection for the capsule as well as reduces the need for an external pop filter.️ Made with ❤️ from Chicago, IL. At 17mm, the X1 A’s capsule is more or less at the midpoint of small-diaphragm and large-diaphragm condensers. sE's dual-tube condenser mic, for truly massive vocals. All sE condenser capsules and ribbons are designed by their in-house team of engineers and assembled by highly skilled technical staff. For the price, it wouldn’t be surprising if you compared the X1 A with other entry-level microphones in the same range. You can edit your menu content on the Menus screen in the Appearance section. The X1 A also has the added benefit of a -20 dB pad switch that helps extend the dynamic range, and it holds up to much louder instruments like kick drums and electric guitars. And they’d be right. Originally from the East Coast, Naomi started singing as young as 3 years old. The X1 was able to outperform other microphones in the same and even higher price ranges, and it’s that legacy that the X1 A aims to carry on today. You’ve found it. Vocals-wise, it’s best on a male voice, although the midrange does sound a little more restricted and you may need to do a little fiddling with the EQ. sE Electronics - Dynamic Microphones. The best microphones right now. If you're a singer who performs anywhere outside the studio, a hand-held dynamic microphone is usually your best choice for rugged, reliable, consistent sound - and on drums, dynamics offer the powerful punch you need. sE Electronics sE2200a II C Microphone Review, Where to Buy the sE Electronics X1 A Microphone, Find the best deals for the sE Electronics X1 A Microphone here. You’ll be surprised every time with just how strong this mic sounds in your home studio. The sE Electronics sE2200 mic was famous for its rich sound and versatility, despite its single cardioid polar pattern. The X1 A is another step towards achieving that goal, with stronger features, a cleaner sound, and better design than many other microphones in a similar price point. It feels sturdy, hefty, and the metal construction helps with rejection of electrical interference and noise. sE Electronics Drum Mic Package with 1 V Kick Dynamic Mic, 3 V Beat Dynamics, 3 V Clamps, 1 V7 X Supercardioid Dynamic, 2 sE8 Condenser Mics, Compact-base Kick Drum Mic Stand, 3 Tele-Boom Mic Stands, and 7 x 20' Mic Cables $1,229.00.

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