This pack features 60 challenges in four brand-new environments. Clash in the Clouds - Blue Ribbon challenges Sign in to follow this . 17 posts in this topic. BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds is the first downloadable content pack for BioShock Infinite. Climb the Leaderboards and earn new Achievements and Trophies. It is included with the BioShock Infinite Season Pass, BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition and BioShock: The Collection, although it can also be purchased individually for $4.99 on Windows PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. axeuup 10 Posted February 12, 2014. axeuup. Edited May 21, 2017 by cr1s It looks like it pops immediately after the second-to-last trophy you get in BioShock Infinite, regardless of what DLC you play last. Followers 2. > PS3 Games > Disc-Based PS3 Games > B (PS3) > Bioshock Infinite (PS3) > Clash in the Clouds Easy (Glitched) way to get Blue Ribbon Champ User Name Clash in the Clouds - Blue Ribbon challenges. Got every trophy in Clash in the Clouds except for Blue Ribbon Champ Blue Ribbon Champ ended up popping immediately after my second-to-last trophy (which was Missile Defense System). This is the hardest trophy in Clash in the Clouds, and arguably the hardest trophy in the BioShock: Infinite trophy list after your 1999 Mode playthrough. Link to post Share on other sites. BioShock Infinite ; Clash in the Clouds ; Easy Way To Get Blue Ribbon Champ ... Blue Ribbon Champ. When playing through the Bioshock Infinite DLC, you should complete all of the Clash in the Clouds trophies except Blue Ribbon Champ before you complete Burial at Sea (specifically Part 2). If you do this, the Blue Ribbon Champ trophy should unlock upon completion of Burial at Sea Part 2 during the credit sequence. Started by Nainphy, May 7, 2014. BioShock Infinite . Complete Blue Ribbon Challenges and unlock concept art, Voxophones, Kinetoscopes, and more in The Columbian Archeological Society. Blue Ribbon Challenges are bonus objectives you must fulfill each Wave in every Stage.

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