Here is the final result of the hand painted canvas tote bag. Step 2. A good-quality tote from our assortment of wholesale tote bags and some markers, paints and patches will do the trick! How to Stencil a Canvas Tote Bag. You really don’t need as much tape as I used above. A very simple DIY canvas tote bag with a very cute, simple graphic pattern. With the help of my video tutorial, now you know how to paint mandala design on a canvas tote bag easily. Note: If you plan on washing your bag and/or don’t want the paint to slightly stiffen the bag, add some fabric medium to your dollop of paint and you’re good to go. Repeat for each side of both straps. I let my bag dry for 24 hours. I have used a very few craft supplies so you can do it yourself now. Repeat on the other bottom corner of the bag. Remove the tape and allow to dry. We used the two sheets of copy paper. Glue the canvas strap on the inside of the tote with the fabric adhesive. This will get rid of all the folds and creases; it may help to clip it on all 4 sides so it doesn't shift as you work. Position your stencil where you want it, and then use painters tape to attach it to the tote. Tape off the (Light Coral) section and paint. Painting Your Canvas Tote Bags Grab a cup of water, some scratch paper, paper towels, apron, and you're ready to start! There you have it! Sew about 3" across the corners. Put something inside the tote so that your stenciling doesn’t transfer to the other side. Enjoy! Cut the straps of the canvas tote, leaving 2" of strap on each side. Wrap the leftover canvas strap through the metal loops of the braided handles. Make sure if you are going to move your bag to another area you do this very carefully. On the bottom corners of your bag, you're going to pinch the corners and then sew across like shown. I used a 5/8 stencil brush as well. Jul 25, 2015 - Create your own painted pineapple canvas tote bag using a custom palette of your favorite summer colors. Measure properly for both of the corners and pin it down to make it easier. Lay out your canvas tote bag flat and make sure to stretch it as much as you can. This gives your bag more of a bottom/volume. In this example I used the Zinnia Extra Small stencil with Benjamin Moore AF-385 Splendor as the stencil color. Feel free to give me your feedback about my recent tutorial of this canvas tote bag. Step 1. Let the paint dry. You don’t need any fancy crafting supplies to get the whole crew in on the action. A blank canvas tote bag is the perfect, well, blank canvas, for all your kid-friendly craft endeavors.

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