The town chronicle also reported that the authorities were counting on the great Johann Sebastian Bach’s death. People Projects Discussions Surnames These parts were carefully repaired or reconstructed, but the stop draws and console are new. Life is so different here. Catharina had 6 siblings: Maria Dorothea Salome Baus, Johann Jacob Bach, Johann Nicolaus Bach, Georg Daniel Bach, Johann Balthasar Bach and Anna Eva Bach. Composing wasn't an option for women in those days but Catharina excelled as a singer and often helped her father with his work. In fact, just the other day he played for Dorothea and me, a piece he arranged for his “King of Instruments” (that’s the organ, you know) which he cleverly based on a violin concerto by a Mr. Vivaldi. The organ has two manuals with a pedal and 18 registers. However, the stairway to the galleries was not created until 1723. My father suffered from eye trouble for the last ten years of his life. Bach's first born child. Ah, our lives are so full and happy here in Weimar. Daughter of Johann Sebastian Bach and Maria Barbara Bach Johann Sebastian Bach, Maria Barbara Bach. Reply. They had financial support from the Foundation for the Protection of Monuments in Thuringia, the Office for Protection of Monuments, and  the Protestant churches of Thuringia. : 1721 Anna Magdalena, geb.Wilcke (1701–1760) . For the 300th birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday in 1985, a renovation of the Church was carried out, but shortly afterward the building was officially declared unsafe. J: What parts of the church remain from Bach’s time? A real community spirit evolved which inspired other municipalities in the area to also do something to preserve their churches. ...h Bach, Maria Sophia Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Gottfried Bernhard Bach, Leopold Augustus Bach, Christiana Sophia Henrietta ... ...ann Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Christoph Bach, Johann Christoph Bach, Maria Sophia Bach, Maria Sophia Bach, Carl Philipp Emanu... Dec 27 1708 - Weimar, Weimar, Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, Germany, ...m Friedeman Bach, Maria Sophia Bach, Johann Christoph Bach, Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, Johann Gottfried Bernhard Bach, Leopold Augustus Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, Anna Magdalena Bach (geb. Their father is wonderful with them when he has time. Rosemarie: In June 1707, Johann Sebastian Bach became the organist at the Church of St. Blasius in the free Imperial City of Mühlhausen, 80 kilometers from Dornheim. Via hem interesseert Bach zich voor de "Franse stijl" en gaat hierin componeren. It is like another world. Hij heeft een grote toeloop van leerlingen. Johann and Maria’s first child, Catharina Dorothea, was born in 1717. We buried him three days later at St. John’s cemetery. Geni requires JavaScript! Interview with Rosemarie Frey, the woman who instigated the preservation of The Bach Wedding Church in Dornheim, Germany, site of our September 6, 2014 Bach und Soehne organ and multi-media concert performance. Or visit us at Dornheim. You do remember our Duke’s name is Wilhelm don’t you? To make matters worse, the horrible and tactless authorities in the town council even allowed a candidate, a Herr Harrer, to take the examination for my father’s post of Kantor of St. Thomas a full year before my father’s death. Johann Sebastian is so busy with all his activities from tuning harpsichords, repairing and maintaining organs, playing his violin in the Duke’s orchestra, and of course composing, a lot of which is for the organ right now. 1710) Maria Sophia (twin, b. Interview with Rosemarie Frey, the woman who instigated the preservation of The Bach Wedding Church in Dornheim, Germany, site of our September 6, 2014 Bach und Soehne organ and multi-media concert performance. Tomorrow he will resign his position at St. Blaise’s in Muhlhausen and we will move to Weimar. In 1723/24 an organ built by Johann Anton Weise (1672-1759) was added with the installation of the galleries. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 40 years later the northern wall of the church had to be renewed. However, the energetic assistance in construction by many Dornheimer citizens contributed to the rescue of the Church. We strove to make him comfortable, but he never gained his strength. (Maria Barbara, Johann Sebastian Bach’s first wife, shares the news that they are leaving Muhlhausen and moving to Weimar.). German composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) had a total of 20 children. At that time, some residents of the village decided to take this task into own hands and founded a group to maintain the wedding Church of J. S. Bach in Dornheim. However, I understand in 1996, with the church in such a desolate state that demolition was being considered; a group of villagers rescued the building and provided for its restoration. Sippe (bei der Geburt) Bach: Geschlecht : weiblich Gesamter Name (bei der Geburt) Catharina Dorothea Bach Eltern 28 Dezember 1708 d. 14 Januar 1774. He struggled so and was so frustrated in not being able to see, that when we heard that a famous English eye specialist named John Taylor was visiting Leipzig, it was decided that our dear father would have the painful operation to restore his eyesight. Sister of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach; Maria Sophia Bach; Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach; Johann Gottfried Bernhard Bach and Leopold Augustus Bach The excruciating eye surgery performed by Dr. Taylor in March seemed to help a bit, but then a month later, my father’s eyesight was nearly gone again. elle a pour parrain le fameux pasteur Eilmar de la Marienkirche de Mühlhausen avec lequel les Bach étaient donc restés en bons termes. Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710–1784), Komponist, ∞ Dorothea Elisabeth, geb. It is such a blessing to have Johann Sebastian happy and engaged in his music, playing his violin, but also composing, composing and composing! Our little family continues to grow. They had … On sait que Catharina Dorothea resta célibataire et qu’en tant que fille aînée, elle joua un rôle très important au sein du foyer pour seconder sa mère, puis épauler son père, lorsque Maria Barbara vint à s’éteindre prématurément. 1708) Wilhelm Friedemann (b. Rosemarie: The Foundation for the Protection of Monuments in Thuringia provided the money for the new roof. Glorious news! He had seven with his first wife, Maria Barbara Bach (who was his 2nd cousin). Catharina Dorothea Bach b. Rosemarie: Our Association has a Web page, see Johann has a wonderful salary and besides that, some men showed up with grain and wood and wine at our front door the other day. Posted on August 27, 2014 by Dr. Jeannine Jordan. He died only six days later on the evening of July 28 of a stroke. A family genealogy was drawn up by Johann Sebastian Bach himself in 1735, his 50th year, and completed by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel. Later that year, Bach married Maria Barbara Bach, who was his second cousin. Wilcke). Wedemann). 1713) Johann Christoph (twin, b. The greatest of the Bachs had left this world for the peace of the next. Four of these children survived to adulthood. Johann Sebastian has just returned home and he tells me the interview went superbly and that he was immediately hired as Kapellemeister and chamber musician at the court of his majesty, Duke Wilhelm of Saxe-Weimar.

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