I was also smitten with the recipe since after reading the comments, it became apparent that this is a very old recipe, dating back to the 1930’s or 40’s… Everyone needs a rich, delicious chocolate cake pick-me-up once in a while. Salted Caramel Chocolate Dump Cake Combine chocolate pudding, chocolate cake mix, caramel, and sea salt for a rich and melty cake. This chocolate wasted brownie dump cake is the perfect decadent dessert that will light up your Friday nights. It's moist and utterly delectable, you'll never want anything else. Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake This ridiculous concoction worked miraculously. One bite of this Super Easy Chocolate Dump Cake, and all your troubles will disappear. Also known as chocolate dump cake, depression cake, WW II cake, and wacky cake, crazy cake is an easy chocolate cake made without eggs, butter, or milk (since the cake was popular during a time when those ingredients were hard to come by). This easy cake recipe requires only four ingredients, mere minutes of prep time, and only 30 minutes in the oven. It’s called a chocolate dump-it cake because the entire batter is mixed together (i.e. It's one of the easiest recipes you'll ever make and it's absolutely loaded with chocolate. Get the recipe at Tablespoon . Jell-O, chocolate frosting, dark chocolate chips, milk, fudge cake mix and 2 more Funfetti Dump Cake Skinny Sweets Daily white chocolate chips, vanilla extract, instant vanilla pudding and 3 more If you decide to cut the chocolate wasted brownie dump cake immediately after baking, make sure you are using non-stick baking liners to avoid creating a mess. “dumped”) in one pot, which is very similar to Texas sheet cake, which I love so much.

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