In a brilliant and elegant investigation … The heart provides blood to the tissues, thanks to arteries which become smaller and smaller, until they became microscopic capillaries. Drawings of the heart by Leonardo. Leonardo described the central function of the heart, overcoming the old theories. He considered the three-cusped valves of the heart as a perfect example of mathematical necessity in the workings of nature [Figure1] A. This drawing is believed to have been done between Circa 1511-1513. It is amazing how Leonardo Da Vinci was able to capture the anatomical structure of the human heart … I decided to try to draw a diagram that might be more informative about the form and function of the heart. Many of da Vinci's heart drawings were made from studies of the organs of oxen and pigs. The Heart of Leonardo (written by Wells, co-author of this article) explores how the artist used his knowledge of fluids, weights, levers and engineering to understand how the heart functions. A, The heart. The heart fascinated da Vinci. It was only later in his life that he had access to human organs. One of my favorite pieces is his anatomical drawing of the human heart. Anatomical dissections performed by Wells, and compared against the more than 500 sheets of anatomical drawings … ... Leonardo da Vinci … Even though the two diagram drawings(#3 and 4) had much less toning and features, they … This drawing has me in awe.

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