(also found on your Dartmouth Applicant portal) and to participate in an Alumni Interview should you be contacted for one by a Dartmouth alum. Dartmouth College is test optional for the Class of 2025. For a lot of students, myself included, cost and affordability are often the determining factors in our college search. Admitted financial aid applicants review and appeal financial aid packages (if necessary). Dartmouth's financial aid program will meet your family's demonstrated financial need. . Faculty, staff and students should email help@dartmouth.edu or call 603-646-2999. Students who are not named QuestBridge Finalists may still apply to Dartmouth for Binding Early Decision or Regular Decision. See our complete list of programs for links to department websites. Check our Eligibility Guidelines to help guide what type of applicant you are. This web application uses Dartmouth's Web Authentication system. Lookup my NetID. Intent to enroll deadline for recently admitted Early Decision applicants, Final Secondary School Report and transcript due, Respond to (optional) Alumni Interview invitation. Admitted financial aid applicants review and appeal (if necessary) financial aid packages. are not required for any first-year applicant to Dartmouth. Clear. Returning users: Log in to continue an application. You are able to apply as a Regular Decision applicant to Dartmouth using your QuestBridge application if you do not receive a binding match. Peer Recommendation (strongly recommended). The email will contain login information for our Application Management System. Note: Interviews are not available for Transfer applicants. Through this system, you will be able to: After you log in, feel free to change your password (Pin) to something more memorable by using the "Change Password" link at the foot of your application status page. Sophomore year—it's that college phase where you're still figuring out who you are and where you belong. Create an application account by clicking on the ‘Create an Account’ button below. Financial aid award notification for admitted financial aid applicants. Applicants who do not take the SAT or ACT tests will not be disadvantaged in the application process. Our curiosity and our humanity are what bind us. To confirm you are logging into the correct account, you will see the following on your account homepage: Getting Started with Adobe Creative Cloud Applications. QuestBridge is a platform that connects motivated and bright high school students from low-income backgrounds with some of the nation's leading colleges and universities. Over the past year, I've talked a lot with prospective students. You can also find this information on the QuestBridge website. Enter dartmouth.edu where it asks for your email address. If you have been matched at another QuestBridge partner college with a binding match agreement, you must attend that school. and uploading a brief text file containing your news or additional materials (please don’t upload large files containing certificates or numerous images). Need more help? Add Dartmouth to the "My Colleges" section and you will be on your way. Early Decision admission notification. Contact Information Updates: If you need to update your mailing address or your email address, you will be able do this by logging into our Application Management System. If you cannot find your NetID, contact help@dartmouth.edu. Writing supplement prompts included in Dartmouth's application for admission to the Class of 2025. Regular DecisionQuestBridge Finalists who opt out of the National College Match completely (i.e. Need some inspiration for your personal statement? Forgot your password? Returning users: Log in to continue an application. Transfer admission notification. We will automatically withdraw your QuestBridge application. Students who do not rank Dartmouth and don't match at any partner school have the option to add Dartmouth to their QuestBridge Regular Decision Form. If you have submitted your application via the Common App system, you should receive an email from Dartmouth containing your Application Management System login details within 48 hours of submission. Please look at the QuestBridge website for more information about your options following the National College Match. Early DecisionIf Dartmouth is your top choice college, we encourage you to consider applying to Dartmouth through our Binding Early Decision program. You will also need to fill out the Dartmouth Writing Supplement, which will be available on your Dartmouth Applicant Portal. We hope you’ll let us know. Enter your NetID, password, and authenticate with Duo. To those who may question whether applying is the right choice: yes! For more information about applying to Dartmouth, revisit the, Dartmouth offers students the option to apply without consideration of their SAT or ACT scores.

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